Russian oligarchs in the UK will be forced to explain to a luxurious lifestyle


Российские олигархи в Великобритании будут вынуждены объяснить роскошный образ жизни

The Minister of security said that the Russian oligarchs are suspected of corruption, will be forced to explain his lavish lifestyle in the UK.

The existing policies for combating organized crime, Ben Wallace (Ben Wallace) told the newspaper The Times that the officials can confiscate suspicious assets worth more than £50 000.

He added that wealthy foreign criminals will feel the “full power of the government.”

It is estimated that in the UK each year is laundered illegal funds in the amount of £90 billion.

New orders relating to unexplained material values, presented this week, will allow government officials to withhold the funds assets, including property, as long as they are properly explained.

In an interview with security Minister warned: “We will come for you, your assets, and we will create the conditions in which it will be difficult to live.”

According to The Times, dozens of objects, which are under suspicion, have been identified.

Mr. Wallace described the series of BBC’s McMafia, the plot is built on a clear understanding of the international nature of organized crime as “a really good reflection of what is happening”.

“Beneath the gloss lurks a true abomination,” he said.

“Today, it is very close to the truth, the international nature of organized crime and the impunity enjoyed by some of these people, and brutality of regarding this is absolutely correct.”

He then referred to the so-called operation “Laundromat” (“the Russian Laundromat service to our”) is a scheme in which a fake company, based in the UK, to launder money from Russia through Western banks.

“The government’s position is such: we know what they want, and we’re not going to allow this”, – said the Minister of security of the UK’s Ben Wallace.


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