Russian oil and gas for Belarusian rubles


Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

On the background of another trade and tariff wars that before every election in Belarus, gaining a special glow, the Belarusian authorities proposed to the Russian leadership for oil and gas to accept Belarusian rubles.

Russia’s reaction was predictable

Liberal Russian public through their media began to mock the idea that the people of Belarus for gas and oil would pay off the national currency of the Republic of Belarus.

After all, in Russia, money is the dollar, Euro and Russian ruble, and even more Belarusian than a bit of a waste.

It is possible that this opinion has been formed from the fact that the public consciousness has not yet come to understand what money is.

For example, if we consider Africa as a continent that civilized Nations Rob for many centuries, the attitude towards money of the African countries will be the same as the Russian or the Belarusian ruble.

Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

Africans who great effort, swarmed into the pits, which often become their graves, mined precious stones to European ladies shone at balls and receptions, for their work receive dollars and euros.

What Africans need these dollars and euros?

Usually heavy exhausting work getting meager pay, Africans collect these dollars and euros to send their children to civilized countries, where they are serving white masters, will be able to avoid the miserable fate of their parents.

Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

And civilized countries bribing rulers of the African countries that allow their children to get an education and to live in civilization, ensure the obedience of the African peoples. Because the corrupt rulers have well-armed and trained army, able to suppress the resistance of enslaved peoples.

The result is that Africans give their real value, gas, oil, diamonds, rare earth metals, and other natural resources for dollars and euros, which civilized country type of need to have those resources to actually free.

Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

Muammar Gaddafi tried to break the system, convincing the African people that their labor and natural resources they need to obtain real values. Naturally, the civilized Nations, which for centuries exist due to the slave labor of other people, considered it a crime against humanity.

Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

In 2011 attack on Libya to kill Gaddafi, and in Africa to wreak havoc in which to Rob the people of Africa so much easier.

Surprisingly, the situation of relations between Russia and Belarus resembles the relationship between West and Africa.

In fact, the Belarusian economy, which since Soviet times, remains a science and technology center, where he developed, implemented, and produced machines and mechanisms forced to seek sales of its products in civilized countries to obtain dollars and euros. And these dollars and euros to change on Russian gas and oil.

The trade balance was always in favor of Russia for billions of dollars a year.

Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

It turns out that the Belarusian people as Africans are in rural areas, in factories, producing food, machines, cars, tractors and combines changes the results of their labor for dollars and euros.

Even though everyone knew that these dollars and euros civilized countries printed and put into circulation only in order to exploit the labor and resources of other Nations.

Almost all that is produced in Belarus, is the final part of the production chain. After all, the metals, components and energy, purchased in Russia, providing employment and income for Russian citizens.

In essence, the work of the Belarusians Russia considered the labor of Africans by the West. Yes, making profit only last year, to $ 9 billion, in Russia the prices for gas and oil are called subsidies.

It is not surprising that it is now customary to compare capitalist Russia, where the main benefit and exploitation by the oligarchs of the population, with the Soviet Union, where was the chief justice and the development of human society.

So what is provided by the Belarusian ruble?

And provided the Belarusian ruble by the labor of the Belarusian people in industry and agriculture.

Российские газ и нефть за белорусские рубли

The only problem is that the Belarusian rubles to buy just MAZ, BelAZ, tractors “Belarus”, the Belarusian milk, cheese, sausage and meat, but not buy a yacht, a Palace on the côte d’azur or in the outskirts of London.

Maybe because the liberal community of Russia, whose children, capital and property are in civilized countries make fun of the Belarusian ruble and hardworking Belarusian people?


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