Russian miners found a cave lion


Российские шахтеры нашли пещерного льваIt all happened quite by accident.

In the Kemerovo region (Russia) during overburden removal in the mine, the miners found the remains of a cave lion.

According to the scientists, paleontologists found the remains belong to the cave lion is a subspecies of the modern lion and became extinct roughly 10 thousand years ago.

Bones predator of the Ice age, whose age is more than 30 thousand years, perfectly preserved. The miners handed them over to the specialists of the Kemerovo regional Museum of local lore. In the near future for a detailed study of the unique finds in Kuzbass there will arrive experts of the Paleontological Institute named after A. A. borisyak of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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“It’s very rare in any Museum collections in Siberia there are no remains of the cave lion. It’s a priceless gift miners Mokhovskogo cut not only to our Museum and the Kemerovo region. This finding is very important for all the scholars engaged in the study of paleontology and the Ice age”, – said the head of Department research and expeditions in the Kemerovo regional Museum of local lore Dmitry Slobodin.


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