Russian Mega-tractor surprise the world


Русские Мега-трактора удивляют мир

Specific climatic conditions, soil fertility, shortage of qualified personnel and the large area of hard daily realities faced by farmers of Kazakhstan. With such initial conditions the application of resource-saving technologies at all stages of Selassie – an objective necessity.

Tractors ROSTSELMASH 3000 series

If we talk about the tillage and sowing, the most effective method of growth of productivity of these operations – improve performance of tractors while reducing their number in the machine Park of the enterprise. To achieve these goals, the COMPANY offers energy-saturated tractors of the 3000 series.

The choice of powerful tractors is really profitable, says “КазахЗерно.kz”. Indeed, one powerful machine cheaper of the two with the same total capacity. The increase in fuel consumption with increasing power, nonlinear, and power tractor in this respect, too, ahead of two less productive tractors. In addition, it will need two times less guns and machine operators, and wide-cut aggregates give a huge gain in performance, reduce the number of passes across the field, less soil compaction, less destruction of the fertile layer of the abrasive effect of the wheels. And maintain a tractor easier and cheaper than two.

Tractors ROSTSELMASH 3000 series

The 3000 series includes six energy-articulated four-wheel drive tractors:

  • RSM 3435 power (nom/max) 440/466 HP and torque 1475/1992 N·m at 2000/1400/min;
  • RSM 3485 capacity (nom/max) 492/527 HP and torque 1645/2219 N·m at 2000/1400/min;
  • RSM 3535 power (nom/max) 542/579 HP and torque 1814/2449 N·m at 2000/1400/min;
  • RSM 3575 power (nom/max) 583/628 HP and torque 1950/2542 N·m at 2000/1400 rpm.

On trucks they put Cummins engines QSX15 with Common Rail, designed for agricultural machinery and electro-hydraulic transmission with automatic transmission Caterpillar 16х4 with multi-disc clutch and cooling in an oil bath.

Tractors will be equipped with a hydraulic system capacity of 208 l/min. included – 4 pairs of hydraulic couplings 1/2″ coupling 3/4″ line back flow without pressure (for pneumatic seeders). The proposed optional system with capacity of 303 l/min, 6 pairs of hydraulic couplings.

Node aggregation with guns Packed on customer’s demand. The basic version is mounted drawbar with an allowable vertical load in 4082 kg (or with power 5 443 kg). On-demand set three-point hitch CAT IV (9 525 kg on the axis of suspension, 5 900 kg on the distance 610 mm from suspension axis) and PTO 1000 Rev/min.

These machines absorbed half a century of experience Versatile, results of feedback from the COMPANY partners and the most successful discoveries in the industry in General. Generic features of RSM tractors of the 3000 series:

  • Cummins engines – job, huge resource, saving fuel;
  • powerful bridges with the legendary outer side reducers (reinforced for this series) – durable, designed specifically for the double (and triple wheels);
  • traditional supply with dual tires on both axles (for RSM 3435 | 3485 front/rear 710/70R42, for RSM 3535 | 3575 front/rear 800/70R38);
  • very flexible frame – permanent engagement of the wheels with the ground, a small turning radius, excellent maneuverability on any surface;
  • balanced layout and the fuel tank is at the geometric center – optimal and constant in time weight distribution;
  • comfort and simplicity all around – easy to manage, easily service.

Yes, one of the highlights of tractors ROSTSELMASH 3000 series is that IT’s a full-fledged one operator only requires about half an hour! All accepted nodes, the lubrication points are conveniently located, everything you need to open, easy to open, all that needs to be replaced simply and quickly.

Management of the working systems of the tractor are placed on the right armrest of the operator. The panel is clear, the characters are well read, buttons conveniently accessible. Traditionally, the colors of the buttons of the control valves correspond to the colors of the couplings.

The basic package already includes a remote monitoring system Agrotronic™. In real time it transmits information about the location of the machine, speed, fuel stops and downtime, loading of components and assemblies (engine speed, temperature and oil pressure, coolant temperature, etc.).

And it gives car owners a huge opportunity for optimization. Plus to help the operator – cruise control, radar speed control lane reversal, the possibility of programming the transmission and hydraulic system. And of course, to increase the productivity and quality of work, reducing the load on the operator of the machine can be equipped with systems of driving.

Tractors are often carried out in the fields all day. This was taken into account when designing a lighting system: 6 powerful, well geared, running lights front and 4 rear provide good working light.

Examples of aggregation of tractors RSM 3000 series

We gave examples of aggregation that are proven in terms of black soil and light soil. For clay backgrounds need adjustment. In this case one should take into account that the load of the engine should be in the range of 90-95%. Smaller will reduce the profitability of the tractor, a large negative impact, primarily on the motor.

Perhaps it is worth saying a few words about the choice of powerful tractors. If we consider machines in General, from the point of view of “pure physics,” the relatively low tractor power look, a more advantageous ratio of power to the working width of the swath.

But practice is the facts, and the facts are where a tractor with a motor of 220 HP for plowing shows the average performance of 1.5-3 ha/h, 3435 RSM makes 4 (negotiable)to 5 ha/h, and RSM, respectively 3535 4,6 (negotiable)-6 ha/h. the gain in time – almost two times. However, as we noted, the fuel consumption increases non-linear, the machine is more economical. Plus reduced passes across the field – it’s good for the field.

Of course, same applies to any other units.



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