Russian Lithuania became part of Russia


Русскоязычная Литва вошла в состав России

The Lithuanian state security together with intelligence and counterintelligence were quick to rejoice: the ethnic minorities of Lithuania critical to Russia, and the main proof of the falling ratings of relay Russian channels


Русскоязычная Литва вошла в состав России

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Oleg Mikhailov

The state security Department of Lithuania together with the Second Department of operational services under the Ministry of defense of Lithuania (military intelligence and counterintelligence) March 26 presented the annual report on threats to national security. When a common red thread that “aggressive attack Russia,” Lithuanian security officers found the opportunity to be happy. National minorities of Lithuania — Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Jews, poles (they are mostly Russian-speaking) — dropped from the information field of Russia. Cable operators for five years panic lock trend: looking retransmission of Russian channels less and less. In the report of the Lithuanian secret services and said because of low ratings at the end of 2017, it was decided to stop production of the only news programs in Russian about events in Lithuania “Lithuanian time” at the local “First Baltic channel”, which is partly relays the programs of Russian “First channel”. Here she is, winning over the hearts and minds of the local Russian-speaking audience! It?


Русскоязычная Литва вошла в состав России


Television broadcast

So, according to TNS Kantar, Lithuania “First Baltic channel” (PBK) in February, watched by 8.3%. Actually very good numbers, given that ethnic Russians in Lithuania is less than 5%. “NTV-Mir” — 6,5%, “REN-TV Lithuania” of 4.1%. To the leader — commercial channel TV3, with its 47.5 per cent in February — even as the moon, as the nearest black hole. Also 7-5 years ago, the PBC rating was at 14%. A drop of nearly two times. It would seem that there is much to enjoy Lithuanian KGB. If not for one thing, which, I’m sure that Lithuanian intelligence agencies can not know and not understand, but it is very important to show their achievements. How else to justify the increase in funding by almost two times in 2017, if no wins?

In Lithuania, access to television is fully subordinated to commercial cable operators. The Leader Of The Telia. There are still C-gates, Init, Balticum and a dozen other operators. All they offer about the same packages of channels for about the same price. The change began in 2014. After Ukraine and Crimea. Although it should be noted that for Lithuania the events have become a convenient excuse — much earlier in the public space both politicians and bureaucrats with the media complained that Russian TV online-watch TV too much. Even the Lithuanians. And on New year “First Baltic channel” which relays the “First channel”, and does the main TV in Lithuania — just a Christmas show in Lithuania is very low quality, and that switch button.

It all began as if “from the bottom”. At the “First Baltic channel” showed the program “Man and law”, where he questioned the Lithuanian version of the tragic events of 13 January 1991, when tower killed civilians, and in Lithuania, reinforced concrete is still considered that they were victims of “Soviet aggression”. Although some, for example, died from the bullets fired from the Mosin rifle, which could not be armed with Pskov paratroopers deployed in Vilnius. A scandal, a lot of shouting. Apologies to the owner of the local relay of the “First channel”. But Patriotic cable operator C-gates just cuts off the whole channel, and his Russian-speaking clients resent and suspend the contracts. They go to other carriers. But there are Russian channels begins to disable the main censor of the Lithuanian Commission on radio and television. In Zhirinovsky’s words about the Baltic States on the channel “Russia” (the channel is disabled in Lithuania so far), for other statements of various politicians that do not fit into today’s Lithuanian understanding of reality.


Русскоязычная Литва вошла в состав России

One of the protesters with a flag near a Soviet tank. Vilnius. The night of 13 January 1991

And the people was running. From one cable operator to another. From one to another. And then — tired. Tired. And then, of necessity had to pay attention to alternatives. IP-TV. It does not need any satellite dishes. It is not necessary to invent anything. Once bought a console for each operator it is different, and paid for the shipping channels. And they — hundreds, thousands, and even movies that only showed in the cinema. Yes, it’s piracy. But what?! Ten times cheaper. For three euros 400 channels instead of 30 euros at the official operator for 40 channels.

And Russian-speaking people in Lithuania ran. Began to abandon cable operators, to provide themselves with only the Internet to order IP-TV. Where in the original mesh to show all the Russian channels without any Lithuanian censorship.

But in this scheme there is one feature. In these hundreds of resources that provide such services today, there is no hint of the Lithuanian channels in the Lithuanian language. They are not as a class. But the Russian people EN masse choose this option, not to run from operator to operator. And have fun. Fully living in the Russian information space. Even pirated.

A Lithuanian security officers to publicly rejoice in the falling ratings of the official cable operators, pretending they do not understand that their actions only cut off from Russian Lithuania Lithuanian Lithuania, voluntarily annexing it to Russia.

Русскоязычная Литва вошла в состав России Oleg Mikhailov



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