Russian liberals something broke inside


В российских либералах что-то сломалось внутри

The audience of “echo of Moscow” is all large eccentricities and looks loses more and more sanity. The reasons for this, of course, are complex, but one of the key points to specify very easily.

From a tragic incident like what happened in the editorial office of radio “Echo of Moscow” with a wound of the journalist Tatyana Felgengauer, no one is immune. No one at all. This is the inevitable cost of life in human society, and manifestations of people have mental health problems.

At the same time, the media and their employees are certainly at risk in this sense because for those suffering from nervous and mental disorders citizens the media have downright attractive effect.

And media, specializing in politics, this applies to a multiplied extent regardless of the ideological preferences of the publication. From the obsessive “crazy people” suffer and the Communists, liberals, nationalists, loyalists and the opposition.

However, even against this background, the audience of “echo of Moscow” (and other radically liberal media) in recent years produces a distinct impression that the share of students whose sanity raises questions, there are significantly higher than “average hospital temperature”.

And the situation has worsened in recent years, in connection with what have become familiar stories about familiar from the series:

“there used to be a normal, common man, the government did not like, but was quite adequate, and in recent years just went to the roof on this soil”

Moreover, this feature is observed not only by the opponents of the liberal opposition, but also recognize belong to her people.

For example, a prominent opposition journalist Tikhon Dzyadko, who worked at the time and on “echo of Moscow”, after the incident just write that “among listeners of the “Echo” lots of crazies“.

But this begs the question: why, exactly? What is the reason that the audience of “echo of Moscow” is all large eccentricities and looks loses more and more sanity?

The reasons for this, of course, are complex, but one of the key points to specify very easily.

A few hours after the attack on Tatyana Felgengauer “Echo of Moscow” posted with the reaction of her fellow journalists on the incident.

Among other things, there was, for example, the following items:

– a picket at the wording of the poster “Propaganda attacks. Tanya, hold on”;

– journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” Paul Kanygin said that the responsibility for the attack on Tatiana Felgengauer carries Russian television, which, according to him, “bear hatred against non-state mass media“.

Numerous conspiracy theories from influential liberal journalists, Yulia Latynina, starting and ending Ksenia Larina, suspecting that the incident is the Kremlin, also widely dispersed over the last couple of days.

All of these reactions have been issued “in the air” when the situation with the attack on Felgenhauer’s already cleared up.

The attacker – not the consumer “Kiselev-TV”, and it is a typical representative of the audience of “Echo of Moscow”.

Intelligent, intellectual and an Israeli.

Increasing his mental problems observed by the surroundings for many years, and his obsession with Tatyana Felgengauer also very long. With this craze generated not political, but purely personal motives.

Thus, the attack on the journalist, which had the misfortune to be the object of an obsession, an unhealthy person is thus truly random rock, which is not insured by any one person.

To draw under this tragic, but totally transparent, in the sense of the incident a case of “right” – and frankly absurd – political explanation in two ways: either with total lack of conscience, or also being not quite sane person.

The Russian language is very colorful expression for the characterization of such actions is to pull the owl on the globe. The problem is that increasingly there are situations when liberal journalists have to pull a very small owl on a very large globe.

Of course, any media are not completely objective presentation of information (because it’s just impossible), and its interpretation, given its ideological orientation and editorial policy.

However, it is one thing to provide information on a couple of shades darker (or lighter) than it really is, and quite another – to call white black.

The prosecution of the Russian authorities and allegedly generated by its “atmosphere of hatred” in the attack on the Ukraine is precisely an example of the second.

And such actions are not an accurate interpretation of the “correct” side and not a subtle distortion, and a direct and obvious lie – the Russian liberal media in recent years show all too often.

Why it is so, to understand very easily.

2014-2015 given to the Russian non-system opposition a real and powerful hope for a speedy fulfillment of her hopes and plans, those of which she told the world and myself last decade and a half.

The Russian government in the last couple of years placed such steep turns that the whole world wonder had not time, and each of these steps looked so dangerous that it was easy to label adventure. “The Crimean adventure”, “Ukrainian adventure”, “contractiona gamble”, the “Syrian adventure,”…

Not surprisingly, this gave rise to the non-system opposition hopes that this will lead to disaster in the current system.

The budget will not withstand cheap oil and the Crimean “burden”, the economic crisis will lead to disastrous impoverishment of the population, the lack of products from Europe will cause hunger in the country, the ruble will collapse, SWIFT disconnect, the Syrian operation will result in enormous losses and an ignominious defeat, the West will sizaire Russia is totally, turning into an analogue of North Korea. And there to the inevitable collapse of the Kremlin’s doorstep.

The calculation was understandable and even reasonable, but in the end was wrong. And that became increasingly obvious over the last couple of years.

The crisis did not destroy the Russian economy. Hunger did not happen. The ruble and the budget stood. Tape the West is clearly not enough. In Syria, Russia demonstrates impressive success. And SWIFT will provide the Russian users with a more than 40-percent discount from 2018.

Here in the Russian liberals (at least, substantial parts of them) something is broken inside. It seems that they just are unable to make their own predictions and reality, destroying their hopes, which seemed so close to fulfillment.

It happens.

The human mind and the human mind is remarkably flexible substance. If a person’s reality is not satisfied, it is able to create in your mind the alternative – to continue to live in it. That’s just the way this one is dangerous in its extreme, lead to a psychiatric hospital.

We have probably all had the experience of communicating with people who at first showed little quirks and even their cute eccentricities. And then these oddities became more and more capturing a person’s personality stronger, and he more and more lost value.


This often happens with older people. Sometimes it comes to an official psychiatric diagnosis, but sometimes is limited to “domestic insanity” and torment loved ones.

It is this process that is now facing the Russian liberal opposition.

Acceptance of reality and the collapse of his hopes had been so impossible for so many of them that they are all consistent design of a parallel universe in which Russia’s economy continues to fly into the abyss, the West is about to bring in the Black and Baltic sea on Aug and demand to return Crimea to leave Syria / disable SWIFT.

However, if ten years ago the dire predictions of the liberals about the fate of Russia somehow correlated with reality and in this sense has been the subject of discussion in different layers, it is now increasingly outside the liberal party they start to look heavy with nonsense, and their carriers – insane in the literal sense of the word people.

This explains the observed processes explicit reduction of the adequacy of Russia’s liberal opposition.

Quite respected in this circle of people whose opinion is heeded, suddenly become the ones who more recently was one crazy city like Sasha Sotnik.

Frankly “go roof” people, who for many years was known for his good sense and judgment (and because madness is contagious). But suddenly distanced himself from this circle of other people, preserving their liberal views, but are not willing to associate themselves with the “newmanesque”.

Perhaps the main problem is that the value of the radio “Echo of Moscow” (as, indeed, and other publications of the liberal opposition) in this process cannot be overestimated.

Instead of accepting, to comprehend and discuss the reality, even if it is unpleasant and painful, and to encourage their listeners, it deeper and deeper immerses the audience in their own delusional fantasies, pleasing her.


The story that “the Kremlin is guilty of the attack on Tatiana Felgengauer, because that created an atmosphere of hatred, if not conspired, using crazy” has become just another link in a chain of similar stories that caress the ear of the audience of “echo of Moscow”, but at the same time put it completely inadequate for observers.

Worse, this version is stronger separates listeners from reality and immerses them in a comfortable delusion.

As a result, the story is clearly mentally ill Boris grits becomes in the eyes of a significant part of Russian society is not so much a fatal accident, how much the natural result of editorial policy of “echo of Moscow”, which deliberately cultivates the crazies in his audience.

In fact, it’s still wrong.

The attack on Tatiana, Velneshwar – a tragic accident that could happen in any media. Boris grits himself is a victim of his illness, and in this sense worthy of compassion.

As for the shameful position of “echo of Moscow” and other liberal media representation of black and white, they are already paying for it – loss of credibility and respect in the society, and audience.

Irina Alksnis





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