Russian gays have attempted suicide near Parliament of Finland


Российские геи попытались покончить с собой возле парламента ФинляндииYoung people asked for asylum in Finland, but was refused.

Two young men inflicted stab wounds on the steps of Parliament in Helsinki.

Men have said they are a gay couple from Russia.

The incident at the Parliament building took place on September 22.

Men were hospitalized with wounds to the abdomen and was discharged the next day.

Helsingin Sanomat notes that informed young people of 1995 and 1996 years of birth, has asked for asylum in Finland, but was refused.

Men – Alexander and Nikita – told Ilta Sanomat that Russia faced persecution because of their orientation. They noted that the story about their situation can “make the Finns pay more attention to the desperate situation of sexual minorities in Russia.”

According to one of the young people, the Finnish authorities “do not understand that in Russia, LGBT people are in real danger.”


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