Russian engineers introduced robots to fight COVID-19


Российские инженеры представили роботов для борьбы с COVID-19

To defeat the pandemic will help robots. Russian engineers presented a modern technology that can be used in the fight against coronavirus. A robot therapist is able to diagnose. Autonomous terminals in the shortest time will determine the body temperature, the measurement takes place automatically, without contact with the apparatus. In a matter of seconds the reading will appear on the monitor and warn about the presence of symptoms of colds. Robot-disinfector is equipped with a tank for spraying a disinfectant fluid. Without human intervention can treat the premises, and it is controlled by using the ultrasonic sensors and the Internet. Presented technology is ready to manufacture and use.

Alexey Yuzhakov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company manufacturer: “This decision, which will allow to realize an Autonomous, according to schedule disinfection specific location of space, when the robot will work as remotely manageable and with the functionality of the Autonomous movement. Tracked platform allows it in the most remote places to deliver the platform.”


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