Russian defense industry and a slumlord


Российская оборонка и старуха-процентщица

Recently, one of the largest Russian private banks Alfa-Bank, through its first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Sysoeva informed the Russian state and society that is afraid of international sanctions and cease lending, and in General any kind of cooperation with enterprises of the military-industrial complex. “We tried to minimize the risks,” explained sysouev. In other words, “business and nothing personal – we the money you of the risks”.

It is natural that such a cynical statement by a prominent figure in one of the largest money-lending shops do not remain without attention in caused a wide public resonance. On the one hand, citizens thank Alfa-Bank for their commitment and promise to soon put their money savings in more honest financial institution, on the other hand, argue that too many divorced in Russia parasites who love to get money while no one interferes, but turning the shafts, when things hit the fan.

However, voiced an “opinion”. Brightest of all on the subject expressed in social networks is known for its multiple integer jump-swamp-liberal Madame Maria Baronova: “so beautiful here this individual Soviet belief that everything should always pay tribute to the defense industry. Until the last pants. Nothing human history teaches”.

In fact, what Russia all this military hardware if the money can be spent on something fun, but still on the Bavarian left?

Who oversees the Russian defense industry, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, commenting on the move Sysoeva, said that Alfa-Bank “really asked for, but never received permission to work with the funds of the state defense order”.

In General, society pushing the idea that nothing special happened and no one from the decisions of Alfa-Bank are not affected, if only not to give the incident an ethical evaluation.

Top managers of the Alfa-Bank in its pre-Christmas interview with Forbes Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin and contrary to the report that the cooperation with the defense industry accounted for a substantial portion of the loan portfolio of the Bank, and the founder of “Alfa group” Mikhail Fridman admitted that the Bank was forced to part with defense companies because of fear to get under the carpet Western sanctions.

However, if you rewind time three years ago, by March 2015, we can see that alpha Bank has run into litigation with the “Uralvagonzavod” and his daughters, the only survivors in post-Soviet Russia the manufacturer of tanks. Remember, at that time the headlines in the media were filled with names like “Armata under threat.”

If we start from the case about the attempt of bankruptcy of Uralvagonzavod and structured with it enterprises and the self-exposure of Friedman on the pages of Forbes, said that Alfa-Bank is a tax resident of the UK, then to regret something special about.

Just because the nonresidents should not be eligible to participate in the crediting of enterprises OPK.

A sharp conflict between Uralvagonzavod and Alfa-Bank broke out 3 years ago after the Bank demanded early repayment of the debt due to past due loans of the enterprises of the Corporation and initiated legal proceedings. Then UVZ threatened to Alfa-Bank to close all Bank accounts. In may 2016, the court arrested 523,5 million rubles. the accounts of Uralvagonzavod under the second claim of the Bank against the Corporation, but then upheld the claim of UVZ and released. In the course of the hearing it was established that the property interests of the Bank not affected, but the delay was negligible.

UVZ as critical for the country’s defense enterprise, was entitled to receive state guarantees in the amount of 75 billion rubles, but not in the case of a Declaration of bankruptcy. It is clear that the bankrupt himself UVZ from a bunch Friedman had the guts, but the trick was to “crackdown” on child production JSC “CHTZ-Uraltrac” and OOO “Technopark “Traktorozavodsky” who will ugly Chubais privatization, private enterprises, without which UVZ could not really fulfill the state defense order and to pay debts on loans.

Obviously, Alfa-Bank these nuances knew and climbed out of the skin, making someone feel good for you. In contrast to alpha’s other creditors (the largest of which is Sberbank) withdrew their claims and refused to seek bankruptcy structures Uralvagonzavod.

By the way, damages, and delay of Uralvagonzavod and its subsidiaries, OAO “CHTZ-Uraltrac” and OOO “Technopark “Traktorozavodsky” in 2015 were due to illegal international sanctions, and the management of Alfa-Bank, who spoke about the uniqueness of the company and on state guarantees, increased the pressure, engaging in blackmail and arm-twisting domestic tank builders.

Apparently, in this lies the answer to the phrase Rogozin about the absence of Alfa-Bank in the list of partners of the Russian defense industry. You’d think Friedman and Co. do a favor to our defense industry as its financial participation. In all industrialized countries, the tolerance in the sphere of defense industry is a huge honor, a stable income and an indicator of the reliability of the Bank, and not Vice versa. On alpha there are a lot of hunters.

However, not only Alfa-Bank arranged podlyanki domestic producers. The largest Russian operator JSC freight one company refused from the purchase of cars of the concern of the Corporation in respect of declared against it sanctions.

All these signals should make the Russian authorities to think hard and to make appropriate orgvyvody. It’s not just credit extortion or refuse to buy domestic cars. We are talking about a rotten game and already socially irresponsible Russian business against country’s sovereignty.

On the other hand, it is difficult to accuse of violating the sovereignty of Russia only some privateers, for whom the worship of the Golden calf is the meaning of life and the homeland where they keep the money and bum warm. Without any doubt, Alfa group and JSC freight one take the example of Sberbank, VTB, mobile operators and other companies, for nearly 4 years as a conscientious objector to enter the Russian Crimea, with reference to sanctions. Just go a little further. Bad example is contagious.

According to banking analysts at alpha there is a negative Outlook caused by the deterioration of capital adequacy and, as a result, drop reliability. The London group of the Yeltsin huckster keep afloat a major Russian assets, among which are mobile operator Beeline, retail chains Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel, Alfa Insurance, infrastructure Rosvodokanal and about 30 companies. Not to mention the fact that Alfa-Bank cooperates with a huge number of enterprises all over Russia.

In fact, sanctions have highlighted that the Russian economy is split in two – the globalist and national oriented. And the first remains a parasite and liposom for pumping of Russian capital to the West, professing the rule of “when well, we are all patriots, but in the case of sanctions snuff apart”, whereas the second economy is tearing veins for the country, experiencing with people all dropped out of the hardships.

The Russian authorities cannot or do not want redistribution unfair “privatization” of the 90s, the fear of major upheavals for the country. But the last 4 years showed serious property and an ideological split, which is fraught with powerful shocks in the future, if you continue to let things drift. Who prevents to prioritize and use against a cynical Wheeler-dealer the same market mechanisms, encouraging their keeping in the black body of the globalist sector? Let them try from London to suck at least part of what was stolen from Russia.


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