Russian cure for coronavirus can go to the clinic on June 11


Российское лекарство от коронавируса может поступить в клиники уже 11 июня

The first shipment of Russian drugs from coronavirus infection can go to the clinic on June 11. “Aviewer” received a registration certificate of Ministry of health, the drug is not intended for sale in pharmacies, hospital patients will be assigned free of charge. “Aviewer” based on Japanese “Favipiravir” is the world’s first drug which is approved for the treatment of coronavirus infection. More than one hundred scientists and physicians worked to create a drug that has completed the first phase of clinical trials, the treatment efficiency amounted to approximately 90%, experts say.

Vladimir closets, Deputy Director of the National research center of tuberculosis and infectious diseases of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation: “the First phase of research gave very encouraging results, one of the key indicators was the time of elimination of viruses. The first phase of research showed that elimination is actually two times faster than in the control group. That is, the average time of elimination was about 4 days, unlike the control group where it was 9 days.”


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