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Русский цирк

Ancient people believed that they are surrounded by invisible intelligences, the spirits influencing their lives. They can make crazy, spoil the milk, scraping along at night in the corner of the house… In the whirl of modern busy life people do not notice that the creatures of the underworld, not reflected in regular news, world, continue to exist in parallel with them. Information about their activities rarely gets the headlines in the media, stories about them can be seen except on one very specific channel. However, they are, and the special correspondent “ru” Michael Karpov has devoted considerable time to the study of this secret world. “” felt the need to bring intermediate results of its large study and 1 April 2018, publishes an anthology of Russian madness.

Electronic GULAG

At the end of March 2015 at the entrance to the State Duma building was crowded. Mainly among those present was dominated by the parishioners of different parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, mostly elderly. They tried to get to the meeting of the working group at the state Duma on “legislative protection of Russia and its citizens from discrimination electronic technologies.”

It was interesting that besides all the Orthodox organizations, the main organizer on the part of the Duma was the Deputy-Communist Vladimir Kashin. And it was about how to avoid the introduction of electronic Gulag — that is to say, the introduction of electronic methods of identification of the citizen and the state transition to electronic document management.


According to Kashin, the harm from all of this is obvious — the data is immediately leaked to the West, which organises the brain drain of Russia and spying on our homeland. He urged not to destroy the “heroic labor of the ancestors on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the great October and the 70th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war of the people, as his time under the number in Auschwitz, to write”.

Speakers at the round table — people of all ages and professions. There was a Cossack chieftain, and a Professor of MGIMO, a lot of talk about the secret world government and the need to recognize the Hague Tribunal punitive authority, and corresponding member of the Academy of natural Sciences, who claimed that, according to the plan of the Americans on the Ground should be no more than 500 million people. Others have noticed that the audience is too focused on national security, when it comes to more serious problem — about the coming of Satan and the introduction of mandatory labels (666).

The center of the Earth defense

Spiritual health of the nation are concerned not only Orthodox activists and state Duma deputies. Earlier, in February 2015, like the people gathered in the building of the International Slavic Institute (which he shares with the sect “Church of the Kingdom of God”) for the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the International Cyril-Methodius Academy of Slavic education.

The session began under the prayer of the priest and the choir of the Orthodox congregation, was devoted to a wide range of issues. The President and the rector of the Academy, Kim Smirnov proclaimed the beginning of a Third world war, accused the West of fascism and thought highly of the Soviet Union. “We had such a sense of self that we were first.” almost with tears in his eyes he said.

Other speakers also dreamed about the imminent war with evil, prophesied about the machinations of the world government and called for the creation of a Christian state (like the Islamic). But the most memorable was the presentation made by doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Vladimir Lishchuk, zagotoviti especially for her huge number of slides, which were covered with inscriptions written in small print.


Lishchuk immediately declared that the United States is cancer with metastases, demonstrating for the confirmation of his words a colorful illustration of a nuclear explosion with the words “METASTASES United States.” “Let’s see how rushing this democracy! — emotionally exclaimed the Professor, a photo showing a captured Vietnamese soldier. — How adequately does the Vietnamese and the bringer of democracy!”

However, very soon the presentation of Lisala turned in a completely unexpected direction. Speaking about the dollar, the United States used to enslave the world, as well as combat robots of the Americans, he suddenly announced that the old economic formations is new.

To discuss the problems of Economics Professor went after initially, he showed a few slides about how, as a young man, made the heart-lung machine and created the first Soviet chamber. The last slide of this series showed satisfied Lisala on the celebration of his own birthday. Under it adorned the inscription: “I am 70”.

At the end of his speech, the Professor said that the opposition to military aggression, Obama is a minor task, as is defense, defense “like death”. Priority same purpose, in his opinion, is “creating a universal culture of spiritual health”. The Professor wished everyone a “fun” and showed the last slide. He was animated — it on the background of standard city high-rises, danced strange figures-photo collages with huge heads of Lisala and his wife.

The new world order

A separate place in the hierarchy concerned for the fate of the Motherland and the Slavs is a movement called “Resistance new world order” regularly gather in Moscow the meeting rooms for discussion of these complex issues. To approach a complex problem: we struggle against the West, satanic bar codes and electronic documents, against the lack of spirituality and a world government, gays and, very carefully, against the Jews (but in allegorical terms, not to ring out at the “extremist” article).


The leader of the movement is a publicist Vladimir Osipov — elderly bearded man, wheelchair-bound. All meetings of the society usually opens it. In March 2015, he, as usual, was saying about the main problem facing humanity: about American Satanism.

Osipov explained that the masons in the US, Christians are oppressed, fighting with the installation of Christian symbols in institutions and schools, and the Church of Satan adopted in the national Council of churches of the country. The publicist said that the American army more than a hundred chaplains-Satanists. “On this background looks a trifle permit U.S. military personnel to have sex with animals”, — he stated. The writer also noticed that in 1987, “President Mason Reagan publicly acknowledged the important role of Satanism in contemporary American life.”

However, unlike the above counterparts, opposing the “new world order” hate the Soviet Union. At that meeting Osipov actively denounced Karl Marx, who was called “chief devil worshipper” and his followers, describing how the Soviet government destroyed the Church and killed priests. And the collapse of the Soviet Union, he said, brought no relief, because by authorities allegedly came to power, openly worshiping Satan and orienting the country “on the integration of Judeo-Masonic civilization.”

Interestingly, the gatherings of this movement is often visited by the deputies and prominent figures of the Russian Orthodox Church. So, they were attended by the Deputy of Moscow city Council Nikolay Mishustin, who founded there the working Committee engaged in an important task: preventing the introduction of a fully electronic (and thus satanic) passport.

At the meeting Mishustin gave the most clear description of what leads to the introduction in Russia of “digital slavery”. In the end, in his opinion, the uncontrolled collection of information will result in a distribution of the population into several castes: first, the creative class, will travel abroad and to learn how to command the others, the second will include the workers and peasants, in the third — servants-slaves. According to mishustina, acceptable to the state will be only a scientific paradigm, and supporters of traditional values begin to exile to concentration camps.

Potikha and abortion

The movement “For life!” compared to the fighters against the “new world order” is highly specialized, but much more numerous. It includes thousands of Orthodox activists, United by one goal: to forbid women to have abortions. In this it agrees with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill is no wonder that in 2014, for their activities were allocated Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.


The views of the participants of the movement differ a lot. Often in their meetings has been considerable debate about whether to ban abortion in General, or are they still permissible to save the life of the pregnant in difficult situations. Some particularly radical antiabortion to foam at the mouth arguing that it is impossible even to clean the uterus in case of death of the fetus — and if that woman dies, it is natural. God gave, God took, nothing the doctors-sorcerers to interfere in his business.

One of the most prominent individuals of the movement is the activist Volodymyr Potikha — bearded man, father of many children. Convinced Orthodox, he is not in love with Stalin and the Soviet Union. So much so that during the round table arranged by the odious Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov, the founder of the Patriotic movement of the GBR, showed the audience his vision of the coat of arms of Russia: Soviet coat of arms in the middle of which is the earth’s globe placed the embryo.

“Proletarians of all countries, unite! — then said Orthodox activist. — Now we have to forget that in Ancient Rome the proletariat were called free citizens, which in the graph property wrote prōlēs — children”. After these words he expressed the confidence that the synthesis of Orthodoxy and the Soviet project should be the future of Russia.

“Stalin was a great style, and in all. What kind of people was then! What was social mobility is powerful! — admired Potikha in an interview with the correspondent of “”. — I am Stalin, says Dugin, is evaluated by the module. He was a great ruler, one of the greatest rulers in world history. Largely due to his talent our country has lived up to now. We still all use it — from the subway to nuclear weapons.”

But not everyone is in motion it looks close. Its leader, Sergei Chesnokov, even said in an interview with “the”, after a speech in the state Duma activists “For life!” Potikha “ate”. However, in addition to the Stalinism of the Soviet Union, this person is not that different from other road users.

Hey, Slavs!

Perhaps the largest event that brings together all who care about the fate of the Motherland and its enemies, is the all-Slavic Congress, which attracts Slavic delegates all over the world. Despite the fact that the event is supported by the state, there is a place for people of different palettes quite extreme views and ideas.

Speakers fro a wide range of issues: here and the new world order, and Satanism, and salaminia shame of Western values. For example, in 2017 the Belarusian philosopher Alexander Titovets told about the popular conspiracy theory that the U.S. is going to reduce the world population to the “Golden billion” and simultaneously destroy the white race.

Argued with him economist Valery Katasonov, who rejected the idea of confrontation of the Slavic world with the West. And all because the war is not between them but between “Christ and his enemy.” “And we know who he is,” the clearly stated delegate. At the end of his speech Katasonov called himself a globalist in the sense, “spoken of the first apostles.” “Russian could be any!” he cried. However, most of those present then he was not convinced and walked away from the podium at a disapproving buzz of the hall.

In 2015, the all-Slavic Congress were Sergei Baburin, President of the International Slavic Academy, told the audience about “the heresy of the Judaizers”, Recalling that “Judaizers” by themselves the Jews were not, and were traitors-Slavs. Writer Vladimir Krupin resented the fact that schools still teach Darwinism. The idea of human evolution, according to him, is blasphemous and leads to the desire to create a Superman that lies at the heart of fascism. Priest Oleg Trofimov predicted that Europe will fall under the burden of sin, all the inhabitants of the European countries will be pulled into Russia is the only stronghold of spirituality and Holiness.

It is worth noting that foreign delegates usually say the Congress is much more sustained speech. Leaving the hall after one of the sessions, a reporter overheard a conversation of the Russian and foreign delegates. “How did you like the last performance?” asked the first. “Worst of all,’ replied the other, with emphasis. — I think that is complete nonsense”.

The Lord of the Slavs

Fight for the Slavic world can be alone. Not so long ago in edition”.ru” it is a letter to which was attached an interesting document entitled “Appeal to the Slavs”. “This is — “information bomb,” wrote one novel. — The document “the family: a Proclamation to the Slavs” in the attached file. In the document — link to details. I ask you the most, because of its ability to disseminate this information. The time for action has come. Finally, I’d like to congratulate with 15.02.2018 Eclipse, new moon 16.02.2018 sun release”.


The author of the proclamation talked about the Slavs as a race chosen by God, of the Orthodox religion as the most ancient, was saying that the Russian will be able alone to prevent global warming and give all earthlings “gratuitous distributed energy”. This character is extremely interested of the correspondent of”.ru”, and he decided to take Roman’s interview.

Alas, in person the lone Slavic warrior turned out to be not so emotional, as it seemed to appeal. Giving contradictory answers to questions edition, he finally, with sadness in his voice stated that not enough prepared for further conversation.

The President of the USSR

Much more successful were the sect of the Soviet Union, which calls itself “the government of the Soviet Union.” It is headed by “acting President of the USSR” Sergey Taraskin (part-time — acting Emperor of the Russian Empire, ruler of Kievan Rus and so on). Considering that the collapse of the USSR was illegal, and the abandonment of Mikhail Gorbachev his job — a shameful flight, Taraskin has picked up the baton eight years ago organized their government.

He and his many supporters are a flurry of activity both online and in the real world, considering the Russian Federation — illegal formation, not having their territory still belonging to the USSR. Interesting and the essence of the insanity of this group in the basis of their activity lies the belief that everything in the world is subject to pervasive “legal field” (in the style of live), outside of which no one person can not exist. Russia exists outside the legal field, so its collapse is inevitable.

In addition to tons of crazy conspiracy theories (Nicholas II was not shot and he helped Stalin, Lenin an agent of the West, Yeltsin was never the President of Russia), Taraskin believes that we incorrectly calculated time.

— Another example of how we are mistaken, — he said at a meeting of the “government”. — Reference to time as such also does not exist. We calculated the time in the following manner: rotation of the Earth around its own axis in 24 hours. 24 hours if them to multiply by 60, we get a number of minutes. In full circle of 360 degrees. If you count the number of minutes in a circle, we get 360 times 60. The first ratio is less than the second 15 times. The minute that goes on your watch 15 times slower than the minute in fact. Despite the fact that the time we measure the speed of the planet Earth. It revolves, 360 degrees. Each degree is 60 minutes, 360 by 60 and divide by 24 to 15 turns. Thus, even time, which we use, is not true, is not tied to what exists in reality, not tied to the revolutions of the Earth around its axis, around the Sun.


Done all this, according to Taraskina, far for a reason, and in order that Soviet citizens “were not able to correctly position in time and space, having no precise position in the coordinate system, it is impossible to solve any problem.”


List of representatives, hidden from the Russians the “secret world” endlessly. The Correspondent Of”.ru” studied people who believe in what the government would Shine their “psychotronic devices”, and attended a meeting of their organization “Moscow Committee of ecology of dwelling” (after which its members accused the journalist that he “received from the psi-operators for the article $ 100, which are immediately drunk”). Talked with a man who claimed that the power of thought can control the weather, and argued that the state should use its power. Saw the founder of the first space of the Kingdom of Asgardia, ruler of Igor ashurbeyli, when he gave a press conference in the hall of the hotel “Ritz-Carlton”…

As ancient spirits, rattling the poker in the corner of the hut, scratching at the window in the night, these individuals and organizations are invisibly present in their parallel universe, sometimes intersecting with ours. A day of humor and pranks edition”.ru” wishes his readers to follow mental health and not to join them. However, in these complex and troubling times to be President of the Union or king space power is often easier and more enjoyable than a laborer from Voronezh.



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