Russian chicken is life-threatening?


Российская курятина опасна для жизни?

So many claims to all tested products, the specialists of the system of independent quality control “Roskontrol” still did not show any type of products – all tested and most popular brands producing chicken thighs, I failed the exam and went together to the blacklist.

Thigh of broiler chickens deservedly Housewives popular for its versatility – the meat is well suited for frying, and for cooking and baking. Only after the test of Roskontrol will have to think twice before you opt for this chicken sausage.

In any case, sample hips-broilers in the skin brands “Petelinka», “The Rzhev farmstead», “Miratorg», “Yasnye Zori», “That’s right!» and «Every day» failed to adequately pass laboratory tests, during which the meat was examined under a microscope and cooked him broth.Российская курятина опасна для жизни?


What did the experts? Thigh of broiler chickens produced trademarks “Miratorg» and “The Rzhev farmstead» according to the results of microstructural analysis was caught in the fact that they got injection of saline. These injections allow you to increase the mass of the product.

The skin samples “That’s right!» and «Every day» show up traces of ammonia burn that testifies to the poor conditions of poultry. The fact that the wards poultry excrete uric acid along with the dung, which if improper maintenance of the cells transformed into dissolved ammonia and is corrosive to the skin of the bird.

Chicken thighs brands “Yasnye Zori», “The Rzhev farmstead» and «Every day» was also poorly drained. Such meat is potentially dangerous, as it is subject to massive bacterial colonization and quickly loses its freshness in contrast to the well drained meat product.

A broth made from chicken thighs brand “Clear dawns”, and the meat itself had an unpleasant odor. This sample and samples of “agribusiness”, “the Rzhev compound” and “that’s it!”revealed organoleptic characteristics of suspicious freshness.


Perhaps the most unpleasant that the examination showed that all six samples do not meet the safety requirements in terms of contamination by mesophilic microorganisms (QMAFAnM), causing quick spoilage.

Moreover, if the material of the sample «Every day» bacteria are identified that are larger than 20 times, in samples from “Miratorg», “That’s right!» and “Yasnye Zori» – 30 times, and in the hips “Petelinka» – 40 times, then in the hips “Rzhev farmstead» terrible to say, 60 times!

A high value of this indicator may say anything about violations of the sanitary rules and manufacturing techniques, or the violation of time and temperature conditions of storage and sale.

Of course, it is possible that during transportation and on the shelves of the meat is kept not as it should be, but bacteria and antibiotics from improper storage appear, certainly could not. And they still found!

Hips brand “Yasnye Zori» dangerous bacteria Listeria, hip brands “The Rzhev farmstead» and «Every day» – salmonella. Did not save the samples from bacteria even found in the meat of antimicrobial substances.

By the way, antibiotics are also present in the samples “!”and “agribusiness”. No drugs of synthetic origin except in the hips “Petelinka”.

When it comes to chicken meat, the average person knows – you need to be prepared for the fact that it is likely to be stuffed with hormones. This time the experts did not find them in any sample! Well, at least one positive news during this study…

With the nutritional value of all samples was also imperfect. In all hips, except for the product brand “yasnye Zori”, protein was less than that indicated in the marking. Other indicators of nutritional values also vary significantly from the stated. Although compared to the already listed problems, of course, nuances.


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