Russian business – senseless and merciless. A fire in the Kemerovo


Российский бизнес – бессмысленный и беспощадный. К пожару в Кемерово

Ombudsman for entrepreneurs under President Boris Titov nothing to do – and he begins to invent outright stupidity. For example, to introduce into the school curriculum a separate subject lessons on entrepreneurship.

Children in schools are already overloaded. We have the education system do not just give education as to wean child to think. Disaccustoms not even from analytical thinking and the ability to perceive information. It kills the ability to focus. And at this time, the Ombudsman talks about how to load children do not understand anything!

If an adult is unable to follow the flow of ridiculous documents that spews the state-the bureaucracy, the children to teach does not make sense. The problem is not the children and not in adults, and in the mindless bureaucratic machine.

Tragedy in Kemerovo has shown what are widely inflated cheeks MOE and the whole struggle for the rights of people like businessmen Boris Titov.

Fire clearly record: “We could not go to the Mall, because the object площадью1500 sq metrovil recognized as the small business”. And people like Titov, he is exempt from inspections. Here is one of the causes of the disaster. The logic is that the entrepreneur is always right is a professional chauvinism.

In the case of business, this turns into the promotion of the tyranny of monopolies in the wildest form. Because, you see, you cannot fight the arbitrariness of monopolies, as it infringes their business law. This despite the fact that some retailers inflate prices by 280%. It is silent and no one not checked.

Boris Titov in protecting business from any control it shows an unhealthy enthusiasm – as well as some representatives of religion who received a course of the law of God by choice and now trying to impose it to everyone. But these people do not understand that the result will be universal atheism and a General hatred of the Church, as it was in tsarist times.

Tragedy in Kemerovo shopping complex, which is clearly a predatory arm of Russian business, bribery and corruption, proves once again that the current trade war against the population in Russia has fangs.


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