Russian “aunts” and their supervisors


Российские "титушки" и их кураторы

A group of SERB oversaw employee of the Center “e” MIA

The actions of the radical Pro-Kremlin group oversaw the SERB member of the center for combating extremism of the MVD major Alexei Trench. This Rain has told a former member of the SERB Oleg Chursin. Trench on the actions of the SERB saw and activists of the movement “Solidarity”.

According to Chursina, with the police contacted the leader of the group gosh Tarasevich (Igor Beketov) and even regularly received from the curator of “prompt award”.

“Beketov often referred to one of the operatives center “e” – the name of Trench, that from time to time they get a quick prize, agree with them their stock, how to behave, what to do, how tough can behave,” — said the interlocutor of the Rain. Chursin — a former policeman in the interior Ministry engaged in training of personnel for the internal Affairs bodies. From a radical group released six months ago, because disappointed in their activities.

The stock, which came SERB, Trench often seen and the activists of the movement “Solidarity”. They also believe that group oversees the center “e”. The activists of “Solidarity” saw the operatives of the center on events that are coming SERB police officers are watching the stock and shoot them on camera. The sides of the Rain said that he had seen on such shares and the Trench. “The ears of the center “e” here is quite evident,” concludes a member of the movement “Solidarity” Denis Yudin.

It is the patronage of the center “e” of “Solidarity” explains the absence of a criminal case on beating of police officer in August 2016. The shares of the movement “Solidarity” at the square near the monument to Lermontov in Moscow Tarasevich had a fight with a COP. Footage of this fight, which Tarasevich gets punched in the face by a police officer hit the Internet. The opposition asked to bring on this fact criminal case.

“Usually such actions for the opposition are the subject of a criminal case. But Krasnosel MIA just laughed at our expressions,” says Yudin. No reaction from the police on the video and the statements of the opposition in the end never came.

Familiar with the activists of the SERB interlocutor of Rain in the state Duma also noted that they have to be covered by the security forces. In another way, such groups can’t simply exist, explains the interlocutor of the channel.

According to “Radio Liberty”, Trench works as a detective officer in the center “e” in 2015, he was in the rank of major. Activists of “Other Russia” claimed that he was involved in the murder of NBP Yury Chervochkin. In the fall of 2007, Chervochkin was arrested and taken to the police Department for a “preventive conversation”. Several hours later, Chervochkin published an angry post about it in the “Live Magazine”, called journalists and his bride. But fifteen minutes later, NBP was found by passersby badly beaten. A few days later he died in hospital.

In turn he Trench filed a lawsuit against the activists on protection of honor and dignity in Simonovsky court of Moscow and won the case. He claimed that he was not involved in the attack. The press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs have left questions Rain unanswered.

Leaders of the group deny that they cooperated with the police. In an interview with Rain, they confirmed that they call from Petrovka to warn what events to go can not be sure. “I personally called from Petrovka, a surname I will not name, spoke to you there [at the opening of the memorial “Wall of sorrow”] was not. Yes, we are, in General, was not going, and that it is necessary that we were there? “Not if you’re there, we will just hold without any explanations”, — recounts their conversation Tarasevich. “Then we found out that there the President was, what the official. They’re just afraid that we’ll start there to create”, — explained Tarasevich.


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