Russia will say goodbye to brand Euroset


Chain stores Euronetwork, founded by Yevgeny Chichvarkin very many years ago, will soon cease to exist. Network Messenger, bought it, decided to kill a rival brand.

According to official figures, all the current Euroset stores will get new signs Coherent and appropriate design, and no more references to the once-popular brands will never happen. The range of shops are reported to be more extensive and will affect such areas as sports, home, entertainment, work and so on, but while it is difficult to imagine how it will be implemented.
At the moment the network is Connected, including point Euroset, has more than 5,000 stores, employing 30, 000 consultants, which serve over 2 000 000 people. In the next year and a half of these shops will be another 500 more, and they can be opened throughout the country. Recall that the merger of Svyaznoy and Euroset was closed earlier this year, and to decide the issue began just over a year ago. After the unification of the Messenger has become one of the largest retail chains in Russia, and ahead is that the operator MTS, which owns 5,700 points of sale.


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