Russia will not protect Germany from the USA


Россия не защитит Германию от США


Berlin made the knight: turned to Moscow, not forgetting to cover the back from Washington. How will the Kremlin react?

In 2014, the West expelled Russia from the “big eight” – an elite political club of Europe. Then Germany annually flirted with Moscow in the spirit of “take you back, just something to make”. The conditions were not bribed novelty: to withdraw troops from Ukraine (if they are not there?) or to cooperate with the West on Syria. In 2017, the Germans again not flashed?:

“If Russia refuses military exercises that threaten our Eastern European partners, this would be an occasion to revive the G8, even initially in the format of G7 + 1. Putin should be given the opportunity to leave the dead end of escalation”

said German Christian Democrat Linder.


Россия не защитит Германию от США

Berlin once again turned to Moscow in the face, not forgetting to cover the back from Washington. As in previous years, Germany has hinted Russia’s desire to cooperate and at the same time remain in line with the Pro-American policy. Why are these twists?

Between the financial powerhouse of the EU and its overseas partner, there are more contradictions: the discontent of the Berlin anti-Russian sanctions, the infringement of interests of a major German business in favor of Washington politics, the failure of the last Transatlantic Treaty and more. The tactics of a double agent the Bundestag uses to painlessly obtain an ally in the upcoming battle with the United States.

With the expulsion of Russia from the “big eight” club had become too unipolar. When the time comes, the Germans will be difficult to oppose the White House. Eternal supporters and stripes in the UK, Italy, Canada, France and Japan will remain faithful to him and continue. The Bundestag need a political heavy partner.

The conditions that Berlin is accompanied by a Pro-Russian proposal is absurd and is caused more by the rules of the game. Hardly pragmatic Germans will seriously demand the abolition of the doctrine “the West-2017”. Given the increased activity of the USA and NATO in Eastern Europe (the location of the brigade in Poland, the formation of battalion tactical groups in the Baltic States, the increase in military maneuvers), Russia is forced to practice defensive actions with Belarus is perhaps the only ally in that geographical area.

The trouble for the Germans that their proposals did not find the Russian demand. In the presence of G20, BRICS and the SCO, the format of “big eight” for Moscow unpromising. All its economic and political interests, she quenches with those countries which are ready to satisfy, namely, China, India, Brazil…

If the German elite decided to change its political vector – welcome. But not only ours and yours, as is happening now, and thoroughly, thoughtfully and for all. Such allies Russia will protect, and yet, I’m sorry.

Author: Valery Denburg


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