Russia will increase child benefits


В России увеличат детские пособия

From the Federal budget of Russia will allocate three times more funds to pay benefits in connection with the birth or adoption of their first child. This follows from the preliminary calculations of the Ministry of labour, report “Izvestia”.

The monthly payments for the first child will increase by 7 percent and average 12 thousand roubles. Allowance equal to the subsistence minimum for children in the region for the II quarter of the previous year.

In 2020, total benefits will amount to 150 billion rubles. It is three times more than in 2019, when payment in connection with the birth of the first child was allocated 50 billion. In 2021, the amount will increase by six billion, and in two years will reach 164 billion.

The highest benefit will be residents of the Sakhalin region (29 thousand), Chukotka (23.3 thousand rubles) and Kamchatka (21.7 per thousand). The largest number of families who are eligible for the payments and lives in the Krasnodar region, Bashkiria and Moscow.

The bill, which extends the circle of recipients of monthly payments on the first and second child, was adopted in July of this year. From January 2020, the benefits will be paid to families who have a child up to three years, and parents have no more than two living wages on the person. Previously, grants were put to families with children up to six years and income up to a minimum. According to forecasts of the Ministry of labor, the number of families receiving monthly benefits will increase from 379 thousand to a million.


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