Russia were transferred to Kazakhstan military aviation


Россия перебросила в Казахстан военную авиациюRussian military aircraft sent to participate in military exercises of CSTO peacekeepers.

Crews operational and tactical aviation of the Central military district (CVO) of the Russian Federation transferred to Kazakhstan to participate in joint exercises of peacekeeping forces of the CSTO Inviolable brotherhood – 2017.

In Kazakhstan relocated – link transport-attack helicopters Mi-8 AMTSH Terminator, two attack aircraft from the Russian air base Kant in Kyrgyzstan and reconnaissance aircraft su-24MR from Chelyabinsk.

Russian pilots in the framework of the exercise will be to provide air support of peacekeeping forces, to transport the wounded and deliver military goods and humanitarian supplies.

Exercises Indestructible brotherhood-2017 will be held in Kazakhstan from 16 to 20 October. In addition to Russia, will participate military from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. From the Russian side in the maneuvers training will involve 400 soldiers and 80 pieces of equipment, including aircraft.

The purpose of the exercises is to strengthen the interaction and cooperation between the peacekeepers of the CSTO member States, to improve the skills of commanders and staffs while working on the preparation of the peacekeeping operation and also during the control of troops in conditions of task execution.


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