Russia predicted 20-year leadership in the export of oil and gas


России предрекли 20-летнее лидерство в экспорте нефти и газа

Russia to 2040 will remain the world’s largest exporter of primary energy. It follows from the updated forecast of the British company BP, reports TASS.

By calculations of experts, by this time Russia will provide up to 5 percent of global demand. In particular, the country will export about 9 million barrels of oil a day (according to the energy Ministry, in April of this year, Russia has produced about 11 million barrels per day). The volume of gas exports by 2040 will amount to approximately 36 billion cubic feet.

As noted by British researchers, Russia will cede leadership in the production of liquid hydrocarbons United States and Saudi Arabia. For gas production it will occupy the second place after the United States, producing 72 billion cubic feet of gas.

In addition, by 2040, Russia’s share in world production of energy will be reduced to 9 per cent against 10 per cent in 2016. At the same time, the increase in the consumption of renewable energy will exceed 7500 percent. However, their share in energy balance will be only 2 percent, whereas in countries such as Brazil, India and China, the rate average would be 17 percent.


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