Russia ordered mince, because it is impossible to humiliate America


Россию приказано пропустить через мясорубку, потому что нельзя унижать Америку

The grinder is a machine that if he got a finger, then sucked the whole hand: no turning back, it’s easier to smash a meat grinder. But if it’s a giant meat grinder that ground impossible?

In recent months, Russia was surrounded by a variety of global vehicles, against which Russian officials and politicians are not ready. Last week in one of these vehicles hit the Russian military in Syria, the other – our diplomats, who agreed to talks on Donbass with representatives of the state Department (although where is the state Department?), in the third – the Russian Olympians.

Of course, sitting on the couch is easy to criticize the military and diplomats. So in this case not say anything. But go officials of the sports Ministry – as a former Vice-President of the Russian Federation short track – I have every right to.

I have said (without emotion, but with prognostic calculations) that Russia should not participate in the 23rd Winter Olympics. And this is his approval I proceeded in three main circumstances.

The first circumstance – the feasibility of turning the leadership of the Federation to the national Russian and Eurasian sports that will no longer depend on the monopoly of the IOC Executive Board, and second, the need for advances in alternative to the privatizers of the Olympic movement countermeasures in the form of lawsuits and reform programme of the Olympic movement, the third circumstance – the need to protect our athletes from those executions, which have prepared them officers from WADA and the International Olympic Committee.

It was clear that to endure the coming humiliation of our Olympians would be extremely difficult.

So, in fact, happened. On Monday, the doping officers broke in Phenchhane exercise the Russian figure skater Alina Sagitova. And on Sunday the coach of the American hockey team, Tony Garnet shook hands with his Russian counterpart after a devastating match Russia-USA, where our hockey players won with the score 4 : 0.

The whole world saw the photo distorted face anger American coach and his phrase “you Cannot humiliate us”.

Россию приказано пропустить через мясорубку, потому что нельзя унижать Америку

That is, the Russians to offend you, but Americans are untouchable.

At the end of the match Garnet have not found anything better how to encourage their players to “throw the Russians on the ice” and called the culprit to his rudeness Russian coach (surprisingly, not Putin). And, let me tell you, the Olympic spirit and not a fair sport. With this attitude to the opponent have no place in the Olympics.

Our athletes did a good job. Trudging through biased refereeing, bureaucratic inhibitions, rudeness and sophisticated persecution of our team, they manage to win. But some of the wins they have definitely taken away.

Before the start of the Olympic games, Thomas Bach have set the tone, speaking against the decisions of the court of arbitration for Sport at the Russian athletes, after which he promised the judges of the CAS parts. Like the Olympic movement, with all its structures and rules, it, Bach private shop. Well, then – in the same spirit.

The Olympics began with the attacks on our athletes on all fronts – not only on the part of partfunktsioner, but also from some members of the Pro-American teams. (Here we must thank the hosts of the Olympics – Koreans who not only caved in to sports Russophobes, but also supported our national team).

On the eve of the Olympics, the WADA officers disrupted a training session of our hockey players, and then organised the total pressure on the Russian athletes seeking to take samples from the strongest of them directly before the competition, sometimes during pre-launch workouts – as happened with the 15-year-old Alina Sagitova.

The creation at the start of the Olympics a nervous atmosphere around our team contributed to the emergence of a natural in such a situation, unfortunate accidents. Here is the sensational defeat of our hockey players Slovakia solely due to psychological imbalance. Here and unfortunate for us start in the skiathlon, when Norwegian skier had stopped our athletes at the start, because of what our Denis Spicav at the finish was only the fourth. Here and blunders during the performance of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov in pair figure skating and much more.

Unhealthy aura around the Russian team was actively promoted by the Western media. In particular, the Norwegian ski coach Martin Bergstad boasted in an interview with Norwegian newspaper Ole that helped the skier from Russia to fail the drug test. But a correspondent of the canadian newspaper The Star said: “insulting the Russian, the canadian coach did everything right” and that Russia de discredited the Olympic movement. Here you can also call the attempt of troling in social networks American figure skater Ashley Wagner of the same Sagitova and many other incidents, it is a consequence is actually deployed and encouraged by the officials of the IOC and Western politicians baiting the Russian athletes. I’m not talking about biased officiating in selected sports. According to the coach of the Russian fristaylist Alexander Dolgov, the Russian athlete Ilya Burov had all the chances to become winner of the Olympic games, but condemned it.

In addition to increased monitoring of our team and the many prohibitions (on use of national symbols and anthem, staying in the Olympic village, etc.), which preceded the participation of Russian sportsmen in the Olympic games in Phenchhane, in the course of the Olympics was invented by new prohibitions and restrictions. For example, bans Russian athletes to wear medals when fans or use the name of our hockey team, the phrase “red car”.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that on Sunday, WADA officers found the victim after revealing among Russians. (He who seeks will find). It became the bronze medalist in Curling, Alexander krushelnitsky, which groundlessly declared a suspect in the use of Meldonium. The representative of the Russian Curling Federation Andrey Sozin emphasized the grotesqueness of these suspicions, since it is obvious that Curling is not a sport in which the athlete requires doping.

Here it is necessary to say that the strained Russophobic vanity Thomas Bach and his henchmen are increasingly not like the fans and athletes of many other countries. On this basis, observers noted a new trend – not a condemnation of the Russian team, but on the contrary, the growth of respect for our athletes. That is why the officers of WADA had tried to find a reason for another accusation of Russian athletes in doping. I do not exclude that a well-organized provocation against our athlete of the Russian team and as such will reach your goal.

Of course, I have not listed all the cases of humiliation of our Olympians (I think that the ultimate humiliation is yet to come) that represent the survivors of the massacre, a handful of mostly young athletes. And, in fairness, it should be noted that this handful, that is, in fact, the second part of the Russian Olympic team, despite everything, came in fifth place medals in the team event.

I continue to believe that our athletes should not have to participate in the form of neutrals in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but this is probably the only thing they can be accused of. Russian Olympians definitely in the lead in the competition that tested the spirit and other human qualities.

Not a single Russian athlete or even a fan is still not answered some sharp movement to the rudeness and the unprecedented pressure, which is organized by the West against “shrew” of Russia.

Canadian journalist Yves Beaver visited the Russian House of sports in Pyeongchang, which, according to the requirements of the IOC referred to simply as “Sporting house” and admitted that there is a unique atmosphere of celebration and hospitality.

These are our Olympians. In the atmosphere of hell, which was created for them by corrupt functionaries of the IOC and WADA, they retain not only restraint and composure, but also the honor and dignity as main principles of the Olympic Charter.

However, the heroism and fortitude of our athletes and coaches do not condone the mistakes, negligence and crimes of the Russian sports officials and politicians. Global meat grinder against our athletes, diplomats, military, businessmen, scientists and ordinary citizens of Russia continue to spin.


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