Russia lost to the USA in oil production


Россия проиграла США в нефтедобыче

In March 2018 the world championship palm oil production, Russia has handed the United States. Talking about this statistics of the organization JODI.

If the Russian Federation during March the average extracted 10,298 million barrels. daily, the US – 10,425 million an Honorable 3rd place went to Saudi Arabia with her 9,907 million barrels. The growth of the U.S. oil production took place against the backdrop of the preservation of Russia’s indicators of February, when observed from the Saudis reduction.

As suggested in a US Department of energy, the production rate increase will allow to overcome the historical bar reached the country in 1970. This dynamics is caused by the positive trends in the removal of deep-water oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but primarily by the deployment of shale extraction. While for its growth does not require capacity expansion.

This is because during the shale boom occurred an excessive number of drilling rigs. The oil industry sought to work on the seams, most rich deposits, moving then to new fields. In the end, in the marked areas (up to about 6 million) is a significant amount of “black gold” waiting for his master.

The underlying causes of the growth of American oil production are, apparently, in the plane of prices for this product, which is gradually recovering from the collapse 2014.


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