Russia has proposed not to save premature


В России предложили не спасать недоношенных

Premature children – not only a huge labor for their care, but also a serious blow to the economy, not to mention the fact that the salvation of those who must die is “meddling in God’s work”. These thoughts came not in a Nazi concentration camp and not even at the meeting of specialists in eugenics, and in a very decent place: the administration of the head of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan during a meeting of the regional Council for science.

With a proposal to save life and not to nurse premature babies made in front of colleagues and Republican officials, a respected Russian expert – the associate Professor and head of the Department of Bashkir state medical University Vladimir Yuldashev. In his opinion, this would not only save considerable funds from the state budget, but also to improve the gene pool.

– Saving in premature infants, we intrude into divine things– stated during a meeting of Vladimir Yuldashev. We, with our technology, now cherished babies weighing 500-600 grams. We applaud colleagues. But look at the reverse side. Our pediatric offices are filled with children with autism, children with retarded psychological development. A huge amount of money goes to these children, who struggle to adapt, and many of them become disabled. But the people we were supposed to help. See how in Western countries: they sometimes cut off breath as I realize that condemn families with their psevdogumanizma. We shall discuss it, but without cameras, because this is a delicate issue.

The conclusion came in the end, the members of the Council on science under the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the end remained unclear, as has whether now in Russia to kill babies born prematurely. However, given the recent trends in the neighboring country, such is unlikely to surprise someone.


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