Russia has offered to introduce a tax on unregistered property


В России предлагают ввести налог на неоформленную недвижимость Russia may begin to levy property tax on owners of land, put the building on the cadastral account, but didn’t make the ownership of it. Such a proposal is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Recall that to date, no registration of ownership rights to collect sales tax cannot be, until the completion of the structure does not are regarded as property and regulation of the timing of construction impossible.

As reported in the Ministry of economic development (MED), from registration of rights of ownership of real estate under this scheme avoids a large number of citizens. So, at 4.4 million parcels allocated to individuals for individual housing construction (IZHS), there was buildings. As regards legal persons, such problem identified 57.7 thousand sites companies for housing and 141,2 thousand plots for individual housing construction.

The MAYOR also said that under housing construction in the country spends about 10% of the economically active areas, 16.5 million ha. of “non-use leads to a shortage of land for residential development in certain regions”, – quotes the Ministry “Kommersant”.

In addition, according to rosreestra, in the beginning of the current year, the share of capital construction objects, for which the state real estate cadastre (GKN) no data on the right holders (including temporary objects), was 38%.

Recall that the Russians were to obtain receipts from the property tax. This year it is levied on the cadastral value, not the inventory.



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