Russia has deployed to the border with Ukraine missile systems


Volunteers found information about the transfer to the Ukrainian-Russian border several hundred Russian servicemen and about 50 units of equipment, including missile complexes “Tochka-U”.

“Counting technique and its identification suggests that the Russian command throws full dvuhserijnyj division of operational-tactical missile complex “Tochka-U” with extra ammunition, communications equipment and software (field kitchens and portable generators)”, — volunteers note.

The exact number and composition of the division: “having analysed the video, the volunteers of the international community has determined that the tier of the 40 platforms and wagons carrying 47 units of military equipment and about 170-200 soldiers,” – experts say.

According to activists, these units with high probability belong to the division 464-th missile brigade of the armed forces or the 60-th center of combat application.


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