Russia flooded with fake banknotes: how to avoid fraud


Россию наводнили фальшивые денежные купюры: как избежать обмана

Scam “deciphered” even sirsasana banknotes in denominations of 200 and 2,000 rubles

Victims of counterfeiters each year, tens of thousands of Russians – this is evidenced by recent statistics from the Bank of Russia. The good news: “wrappers” in 2018 revealed still 15% less than the year before – 38 504 pieces 45 against 313. The bad news: the methods of criminals are becoming more sophisticated. If a couple of years ago counterfeit banknotes mainly laid to ATMs now find fake and the banks themselves in the course of collection — criminals manage to cheat the financial sharks. Scammers do not disdain to forge even a small thing. Increasing their “professional level”: less than a year, as they “rassekali” the new banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles, which were announced as absolutely resistant to counterfeiting. But the most “tasty morsel” for fraud remain banknotes of 5000 rubles. last year false “fives” were identified 27763 pieces or more than 70% of all detected counterfeits.

Almost a joke, but last year was revealed even counterfeit ruble and dvuhrublevuyu coins. However, on one thing. And the “left” dimes found as many as 98. Probably fake stuff “walks” and more. But since it actually is nothing, on it and attention less.

The main danger lies with the large denomination bills. The number of 5-thousandths of imitations, regarding the “harvest” of a year ago decreased only slightly: in 2017, they found 26948 pieces. The second running from criminals size — thousandths bills. In 2018, emerged 9310 these “wrappers”, which is almost twice less than it was a year earlier (17218). However, this statistical success is hardly convincing for the person who found, paying at the checkout, fake thousandth “paper”.

Got counterfeiters and to announced ultra-reliable two-thousand banknotes. Last year, counterfeit banknotes of the same value found 384 pieces. The company informed of such findings was not at all as banknotes launched into circulation in October 2017. And in January-February this year, the Internet forums just exploded with news about forgeries of this denomination. So, the seller from Magnitogorsk even checked the authenticity of banknotes with a special app in the phone: the phone is fake proshlyapil. With a fake two-thousand-faced population of the Komi Republic: “funny money” pop up in Pechora and Ukhta.


Россию наводнили фальшивые денежные купюры: как избежать обмана

photo: Ivan Skryplev



“Large denomination bills is more profitable to counterfeit, explains the predilection of the counterfeiters to large numbers expert Mikhail Belyaev. – However, if there is a very cheap way to massively churning out banknotes of smaller value then the criminals they are not neglected. Few people remember, but during the Soviet regime flourished massive counterfeiting of iron.”

Indeed, the modern master of drawing money honor with his attention not only to the bills with three zeros. So, of counterfeit banknotes of 500 rubles was revealed, 647 pieces (slightly less than 2017, when surfaced 766 fakes) , hundred — 204 (a year earlier, their our less — 183 pieces). To brand-new 200-ruble also got — found 19 “painted”.

However, it’s clear that it does not protect banknotes, and the counterfeiting is the oldest satellite, almost the same age as the circulation of money. “Paper money is forged, and counterfeited will be counterfeited. Law enforcement agencies permanently located in the confrontation with the criminals, and then one or the other side prevails, – says senior analyst of “Finam” Alexey Korenev. – Now clearly win the “forces of light”: the quality of the bills, and the level of protection from counterfeits is so high that they are difficult to forge artisanal. Good printing can be felt just by touch”.

You RUB the bill in her fingers is the first Council of expert of “Finam” to reduce the risk of running into fake. “If you have the opportunity, refuse to take 5 th bill, they are often counterfeited. Ask that you have paid bills of another kind,” recommends Koren. But, it is clear that ATM on this courtesy will not be asked. Point of advice – use cash machines only in the checked branches of major banks.

“At the same time be sure to save receipts – calls the expert. – We often throw them immediately in the trash. And for good reason. If, nevertheless, such results will show up a fake bill — contact your Bank. A good Bank will not risk its reputation, and replaces the bill. He complaint to the CB and the noise on Internet forums”. Finally, the main advice. If possible, use non-cash payments, it is guaranteed eliminates the risk of running into counterfeit bills.

The official recommendation from the Central Bank sounds to be expected: “If you see a suspicious banknote is already in my wallet, in any case, do not try to pay her. If she really is fake, at the very least, what awaits you is a long explanation with the police.”

“Fake, not replace, the losses will not reimburse”, – concludes Mikhail Belyaev. In General, you should be grateful that the freedom of the left.

But not the fact that remain at large, paying with fake currency in another country. And our master “drawing money” do not bypass their attention and foreign notes. Counterfeit foreign banknotes last year it was revealed 2579 pieces, like in 2017. Most popular the scammers used the USD — 2352 bills. Euros more difficult to “work”: revealed only 182 notes. Started our criminals to teach and exotic Chinese found 42 fake yuan. English pounds “painted” all three pieces.


Россию наводнили фальшивые денежные купюры: как избежать обмана


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