Ruslan Tsyplakov, Kirill Shevchenko, Ukrgazbank and Terra Bank are in the epicenter of the world scandal


Ruslan Tsyplakov, his Terra Bank and Kirill Shevchenko from Ukrgazbank are in the epicentre of the scandal of the world media.

Ruslan Tsyplakov, whom the Brussels Times refers to as a Ukrainian businessman and entrepreneur, decided to advertise his “victory” in the network, ordering articles about defeated Lutsenko and the GPU [General Prosecution Office of Ukraine]. It should be noted that the interests of Ruslan Tsyplakov in Ukraine are represented by his faithful servant – Kirill Shevchenko. Banker Shevchenko is heading Ukrgazbank. This bank is also known for a number of high-profile scandals.

Mr. Tsyplakov, according to the investigation, is still laundering his Ukrainian assets using not only Ukrgasbank and Kirill Shevchenko help, but also through a number of other gaskets created on the territory of Ukraine, as well as beyond.

Not long ago, the well-known banker Kyril Shevchenko was reclassified from the witness into the main figure of the criminal case. Once his guilt will be confirmed the head of Ukrgazbank Kirill Shevchenko may soon go to prison. This can happen not only due to his presumed illegal activities as a banker, but also because of partnership with infamous Meinl Bank AG and Terra Bank.

Ruslan Tsyplakov and Kirill Shevchenko did not take into account that even outside country the reputation of the Pechersk court, which made the decision about the “unreliability” of the data of the General Prosecutor’s Office, is next to none. Pechersky Court is well known as the most corrupt in the world.

This is easy to believe, based on the fact that the lawyers of Ruslan Tsyplakov managed to “prove” the impossible – his lack of participation in the activities of Terra Bank, which he practically owned solely until 2014, and then sold to Sergey Klimenko. And this sale was somewhat forced: the bank was “exposed” in the famous corruption scandal with Meinl Bank. Terra Bank has fallen to suspicion of money laundering. The colossal amounts of money associated with former president Yanukovich passed through the SWIFT system – PJSC Terra Bank (SWIFT code – TRBCUAUKXXX; USR code – 24425738).

But for some reason, the Pechersk court ruled that Ruslan Tsyplakov can not be considered a former owner of the bank. Tsyplakov’s lawyers were so happy that they began to grind out frank nonsense about the fact that Tsyplakov Ruslan had never ever dealt with the bank Terra and Pivdenkommertsbank, also under investigation on the “Austrian case”: PJSC KB Pivdenkombank (SWIFT code – PCBDUA2X; USR code 19358767).

“Terra Bank” is in a state of liquidation since 2014 . It was used to launder money for the “family” of Yanukovych, where Ruslan Tsyplakov as an auxiliary worker had his share.

The case of Kirill Shevchenko and Ruslan Tsyplakov

The president of Ukrgasbank will suffer a well-deserved punishment for the presence in its structure of non-transparent schemes, the purpose of which is the withdrawal of financial assets into foreign banking structures with the help of Meinl Bank AG and then further ruin the Terra Bank, once a major tax payer in Ukraine.

Earlier it became known that while at the leadership position in the structure of Terra Bank, Kirill Shevchenko already attracted the attention of the investigation, which has led to criminal cases on illegal withdrawal of the territory of the country of about 400 billion hryvnias.

The investigation reports that more than 40 million dollars from the above amount were finances that were withdrawn from Terra Bank with the help of Meinl Bank AG. Not so long ago, the investigators were provided with documentation on Terra Bank (for details see http: // ). And it was the shareholder of this bank for a long time that was Kirill Shevchenko. He represented there his business colleagues, who were in the close circle of Viktor Yanukovych. In addition, for some time Shevchenko even held the post of head of Terra Bank.

The investigation has every reason to believe that Kirill Shevchenko was involved in the illegal procedure of transfer of a huge amount of money abroad. The investigation believes that the president of Ukrgasbank did not specifically notice the financial transfers that preceded the collapse of Terra Bank, or he himself was at the head of the process of removing finances from this banking institution, which was already sinking at that time.

Ruslan Tsyplakov, Kirill Shevchenko
Ruslan Tsyplakov, Kirill Shevchenko

At the moment, the well-known banker tries to cover up as much as possible the traces of his financial fraud in Terra Bank. His main accomplice in this case was the temporarily appointed administrator of the financial institution Yuri Irkylenko, although his appointment was not entirely legal. It was he who managed to remove from the balance of Terra Bank a huge amount of money just before his loud devastation. It was Yuriy Irklyenko who prepared and handed over to the investigative bodies documents on which it was clearly visible that all the blame for the fall of Terra Bank was placed on the representatives of the board. The name of Cyril Shevchenko was not mentioned.


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