Rush job




Year quietly came to an end, and our design Institute was busy with the usual, but a pleasant hassle. Strong floor bought alcohol and snacks to traditional corporate, and weak – adorned themselves and placing shiny garlands and snowflakes.

Everyone was uplifted in excited mood and no one, of course, had nothing to do with hateful routine. However, about a week before the celebration of our king and God, the father and the Main Creator, hallowed be his name, suddenly convened the chiefs of the extraordinary meeting.

In a time when our space ships travel through the Universe, he began his word out of habit from afar and strictly inspected the quorum on top of a thick beard, is very close to the vast fields of our fellow citizens are still fighting for last year’s harvest!

Present modestly downcast glances, trying to figure out what tends our light and the great helmsman. Very few people like the prospect of digging rotten potatoes in the fresh air, but the steward began frantically to remember the stock shovel.

– I have two news for you, and not very good. First, we have allocated extraordinary funds, and the second is an urgent task of high importance. Run – will be a worthy prize, no time is going to strengthen agriculture by their own labor.

In the air hung tense silence. The dilemma drew serious. The audience looked at each other uneasily, but apparently, nobody was aware of an unpleasant surprise. In such cases not saved any trade Union experience or poor health, or scientific degree.

“In brief,” continued the chief and somehow delayed the look on rich neckline accountant – I know your strengths and abilities. You created here a truly heavenly conditions, there are funding and equipment. I have no doubt that they will cope successfully. Are there any questions?

Then he rapidly outlined on a piece of paper specification, made us a pen and left in urgent business trip to some exotic region, taking with him a Secretary. The remaining heads dejectedly wandered off, carrying the good news to subordinates.

As it turned out, we were instructed in the reporting period to develop a prototype of an Autonomous Mining Machine, able to take on a completely thankless manual labor in the collection and processing of gifts of nature, but also other minerals.

Time was running out and because of all the holiday preparations were immediately cancelled. Instead of overtime promised time off. The matter was facilitated through the antediluvian times we have in the archive lay some groundwork. Yellowed drawings brought to light, dusted off the age-old dust and digitized, starting from 3D modeling.

Seeing the result, I became sad. All remember the disaster is over, the passion for gigantomania. Yes, and build a week walking excavator would only sell his soul to the devil, which for obvious reasons is not yet considered as a real alternative.

Fortunately, the design Department recovered quickly and offered to take not the size, and quantity. Thank God, in recent years components significantly miniaturizes, and make a reduced copy of the special work has not made.

To avoid problems with illegal copying of the legal Department put forward the idea to record the authorship of our General, and marketing and at the same time to reflect in a new product his inspiring image. Objecting is not found, and all allied together took up the work.

Of course, the concept excluded the use of the tracks and the designers had to further work on a good balance suspension system using gyroscopes, the newest servos and joints of increased strength.

For the same reason had to abandon the only bucket and replace it with a pair of symmetrically arranged manipulators with universal grips. They were equipped with additional sensors and with sensors, but it turned out even better and more practical.

To facilitate the construction of the case is made not of steel but of a polymeric material while the elastic, flexible, waterproof and high tensile strength. Colored non-staining black color. The frame has been constructed from the latest composite of high hardness in compression.

Trailing behind cable seriously restricted the mobility of the unit. However, using a compact battery and hybrid energy Converter that is able to digest any type of fuel, the problem of supply was removed. Especially effective proved to alcohol.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t perfect and had its flaws. Excessive use has led to a loss of orientation and coordination of movements, reduction or loss of productivity, loss of connection with the base or a complete shutdown. So it had to be diluted.

System of orientation in space was provided by two stereoscopic video cameras, constantly recording the picture and sound to PC hard disk. During daily recharging and reloading data are synchronized with a Central server.

Special attention was paid to the terminal for communication with the base, intending to use it only as a thin client, however, tests have shown excessive lag. In the end, put a more powerful processor and more memory, to avoid the imminent upgrade.

Under them was a versatile neck for filling of liquid shredder and shredding the solid fuel. To drain spent fuel has arranged a special tap, but hurry I almost forgot to insert the exhaust pipe for removal of gases.

For greater autonomy for future workers in fields and mines decided to do based on the underlying model one – a Single Reproducing Machine. This would make the new machines right on the spot, without expanding large-scale industrial production.

The power plant has simplified and facilitated, shortened suspension, perekomponovkoy rear axle and suspension. Instead of four points of support were able to leave only two, although for greater stability some skeptics recommended to do at least three.

The processor in this model, decided to save money, but increased the number of antennas, and the front attached two cans of spare fuel. For pre-Assembly and storage of prototypes created inside the body of the individual transformable container.

With it the designers hastily made a blunder. The model required monthly breaks for routine maintenance. Yes, and our coders somewhere nakosyachili in the firmware, and it turned out to be capricious due to periodic lockups and crashes. It was treated only shutdown and cold racetam.

Vigilant competitors send to test shop your scout, who tried to introduce into the main computer database a bunch of malicious Trojans, but they failed to overcome the virus protection and was securely locked in a virtual sandbox.

A collision occurred with the coordination of the two units and the transfer between them of technological information. The computer Department was not to bother much with interface and offered good old USB. So there was an Autonomous Mining Machine Modified.

The tests showed full functionality of the selected scheme in the presence of the entire leadership, economic Department justified its high efficiency. Under loud applause the first copies were withdrawn from the pilot plant in the world.

Returning after the holidays, the chief carefully examined the results of shock work of the assigned staff, patted the second model in the protruding piece and said it well. Then scratching his tail, gave each of us a bundle of bananas and nimbly climbed to the personal palm.

Now we have lost the need to care about the livelihood in the sweat of his brow, shifting all the work produced machines that required only observation and several valuable suggestions. We could now relax and have fun until the end of time. A new era began.


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