‘Rural disco”: Ukrainian pop star surprised a strange way


Ani Lorak criticized for being too bold.

Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, has been touring the cities of Russia with her show “Diva”, surprised fans brave enough.

40-year-old actress, who recently during a tour nearly took the boy, dressed in fashionable clothes popular Swedish mass-market and italjanskogo brand Moschino. Ani Lorak wore a short denim skirt, top, bright bomber with “predatory” prints and high textile boots. The resulting image from the 80s – like this girl was running to the disco in the parks.

Fans of the singer in the comments were divided into two camps. Some admire the slender figure of Carolina, noting how young she looks. Others call this vulgar way, not corresponding to its status, as appropriate for “rural disco.”

The singer of the negative comments are not responsive. She continues to tour and every day shows new photos.


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