Rumble in “Moscow-city” will be used by the FSB against Regardie and Zolotova


Разборка в "Москва-Сити" будет использована ФСБ против РосГвардии и Золотова

As the Internet continues to widely discuss the shooting that took place in the evening, November 17, in the capital complex “Moscow-city”. Interesting version of the story quotes popular telegrams-channel “Boiler room”: in the opinion of the author shooting in “Moscow-city” can be used as a lever in intra-elite showdown.

We will remind that on November 17 at the Crystal Ballroom, a restaurant, a shootout occurred, which wounded six guards who were present at the birthday party of famous in certain circles of businessmen, Dmitry Pavlov (“Pavlik”) and Gabriel Jushvaeva (“Garik Makhachkala”), which formerly belonged to the company “Wimm bill Dann”. The reason for the development of the conflict was badly parked car of a train Jushvaeva.

As the author suggests, crime news does not just reveals the facts about this incident – the press clearly indicated that Gabriel Yushvaev and Garik Makhachkala are the same person. Since the notorious ‘ 90s it’s been almost 20 years have passed and nothing has changed. And now, according to the author, the ruling elite, and without trying to denigrate the “wild capitalism of the 90s”, don’t miss the opportunity to once again poke his nose in on who ruled the country in those days. The stock market is an eyesore to the “powers that be” for a long time, so now they in any case let me remind you who was making money with it.

Yushvaev is one of the owners of the tower “Eye” in “Moscow-city”. In its construction businessman invested before the crisis of 2014 and for a long time complained that the property is “Capital Group” are not sold as he would like. Because of this significantly soured relations between him and the founder of this developer Doronin, who later broke away from founded cases, the author writes.

However, disassembly in “Moscow-city” opens another dimension of intra-elite confrontation. This time – along the lines of Regardie, headed by close Putin Viktor Zolotov and the leadership of the FSB, ever since the murder of Boris Nemtsov repeatedly tried to arrange a tunnel under the mighty Putin’s favorite.


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