Rospotrebnadzor named the most useful nuts


Роспотребнадзор назвал самые полезные орехи

Rospotrebnadzor named the most useful nuts and gave recommendations for their use, reports Asian Fruits.

The list of the most healthy nuts included cashew, timber, and walnut, peanuts, pine nuts and almonds. For example, cashews lowers cholesterol, the walnut has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, while almonds promotes weight stabilization and weight loss. Rospotrebnadzor recommends to use nuts 1-2 times a week in small portions to 35 g.

“Joint consumption of nuts and grains (for example, pastries with walnuts, muesli or other Breakfast combo) compounded amino acid imbalance in the body, so it is advisable to use nuts together with milk or dairy products, meats, dairy cereals, or desserts”, – recommended the Agency.

Studies show that people who regularly consume nuts, reduced the risk of developing coronary insufficiency and normal concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Experts recommend to use to people with diabetes because nuts have a low hypoglycemic index, which determines the rate of penetration of glucose into the blood.

The experts often suggest not to use a large number of nuts, since they can cause an allergic reaction, and also accumulate radionuclides and pesticides.

To buy nuts is recommended only in areas sanctioned for trade. They should not have a rancid odor and mold. On the shell there should be no cracks or holes. The CPS are strongly advised to check the expiration date – the specified date must not exceed six months.

The Agency recommend buying nuts in industrial packaging, and not by weight – so less likely to buy a substandard product. Home store nuts should be in a sealed container in a dry place.


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