Rome’s attractions, which are not besieged by crowds of tourists


Достопримечательности Рима, которые не осаждают толпы туристовRome hides a lot of interesting places.

To see the beauty of Rome without the queues and crowds of tourists. Guide on alternatives to the main attractions prepared a well-known journalist RAF of Casart.

To write an alternative guide to Rome, the author decided after during a visit to the Italian capital was not able to get into the Vatican Museums because of the influx of tourists. Then he found the city no less beautiful, but much less popular sites, which are not crammed with tourists.

So, instead of going inside the Coliseum, he advises to look at the symbol of Rome from the street, and then go to the ancient monument “Baths of Caracalla” – the ruins of ancient baths, where the best preserved examples of ancient Roman mosaics.

Not to try to see works of art in the Vatican Museums because of the shoulders of many tourists, the RAF of Casert recommends to go to the Galleria Doria-Pamfili. Five rooms display a rich collection of Italian painting, which is not I suspect most guests. For example, among the exhibits – the world famous Portrait of innocent X the work of Velasquez.

An alternative to visiting the Piazza Navona and the vision in the crowd of sculptures of the Fountain of the four rivers, the journalist suggests a visit to a little-known Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria. Here is one of the masterpieces of Baroque sculpture “the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa”.

In addition, Casert advises not to visit famous European cities, which are crowded by tourists in favor of the less hyped. So, instead of Amsterdam, he advises to go to nearby Utrecht, where they also have channels and they are no less grandiose. Instead of Florence, you can go to Ferrara, and instead of Bruges to Ghent.


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