Romania will have a new object of NATO


В Румынии появится новый объект НАТО The Alliance plans to open in the country command centre.

Romania achieved at the NATO summit host on its territory of the operational command centre of the Alliance and gain permanent status in the country of the multinational brigade.

“In efforts to strengthen the presence of the [NATO] on the Eastern flank we have achieved two very important things… [first,] an operational command center, he said. — We think, when the center will be organized, together with us there are approximately 400 staff officers from all NATO countries”.

“We have also made improvement in the status of the multinational brigade that we formed, which has acquired a permanent status. We will continue the negotiations with the allies for their more serious presence in it,” he said.

The third important result, according to Iohannis, was the holding of the summit on Romania’s initiative, a special session dedicated to the Black sea, which was attended by Ukraine and Georgia. The President also announced that next year the Romanian contingent in Afghanistan, including military, police and civilians, will be increased from 770 to 950 people.

“I can tell you that the danger regarding collapse Union, no. There is a discussion, and these questions were put by President trump. He just called a spade a spade, which is normal between friends and allies. Problems were discussed, we parted with a clear understanding that NATO is one, unique in its kind, the strongest military Alliance that has ever existed on Earth that we together will go further,” said Iohannis, adding that the Alliance “has pledged to spend a bit more to make NATO even stronger.”


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