Romance in Odessa: best ideas for Valentine’s Day


Романтика в Одессе: лучшие идеи на День Святого Валентина Here is where to relax.

To please your second half on Valentine’s Day, love Odessa should hurry. Journalists have prepared the top 7 romantic loving hearts.

LOVE THE MUSIC. As usual in the city, even celebrate Valentine’s Day begin in advance. And at the Opera tonight on the occasion of the festival there will be Oleg Skrypka and the national academic orchestra of folk instruments. In the program — a few romantic surprises from the performers. The concert will start at 19:00 and tickets are from 250 to 950 UAH.

A Ukrainian theatre with a festive program with the orchestra of the Lords of the Sound (beginning at 20:00). The musicians will unite in one romantic show songs from iconic productions about love, including “Notre Dame de Paris”, “the phantom of the Opera” and “Mozart”. “It is also an integral part will be the spectacular setting numbers and hot dance party ballet VATAN,” say the organizers. For a ticket please from 280 to 690 UAH.

RECORD. February 14, in South Palmyra, set a new record of Ukraine. This time — a mass simultaneous opening bottles of champagne. The event will start at 14:00 on the beach promenade “Langeron”. The organizers hope that the residents of Odessa at the same time will open the 200 bottles of sparkling drink. Participants are asked to pre-register through a social network and to put on the event red. After the record uncorked the bottle stays participants, so to participate allow only adult.

Романтика в Одессе: лучшие идеи на День Святого Валентина

But for a zoo party that will start at 14:00, no age limit. Younger visitors will be entertained by animators, for visitors older equipped photo zone. “We think our programme so that was interesting for both children and couples who can admit to each other from the scene in love, listen to romantic songs, take pictures in our photo zones”, — told us the employee of the zoo Anna Belyakova. Recall that for the winners of the contest among Pets zoo “Pair-2018” organize “romantic dinner”. Couple of tigers still in the lead.

ON ICE. Night lovers call the rink on the Avenue Dobrovolsky. Couples who buy a ticket from 18:30 to 19:30, will take part in the lottery, which main prize — a romantic dinner in the restaurant and unlimited one day skiing for two. “The lottery win, the other participants will receive a certificate for SPA services or other prizes,” he assured us at the rink. Rental skates included in the price of admission for the evening — 80 UAH.

But to look at love from a scientific point of view will help in the lecture hall of the HUB Lounge, academic Anna Kobernik will hold a lecture on “Chemistry of love”. “We will discuss what happens to our physiology when we’re in love, symptoms and stages of love and what chemical processes are “responsible” for our love of madness” — promise in the hub. Start at 19:00, entrance is 70 UAH.

Moviegoers are invited to a night of films about love in art pub on the Seaside, 15/17. They’re showing Dirty dancing, “Valentine’s Day” and “La La land” and in between movies will hold contests and competitions for couples. The show will start at 18:00, admission is free.


Nowadays, the gifts are the integral part of most holidays, including Valentine’s Day. Stores and the pages of the world wide web is full of different proposals. For example, to the presented bouquet to remember, to gather it from the fruit. The creators of fruit bouquets say they can make a song as familiar to us from the fruit and the exotic prickly pear (dragon fruit), carambola (star fruit), coconut and mango. Optionally, also add flowers and chocolates. The minimum cost of such a gift — 400 UAH.

Романтика в Одессе: лучшие идеи на День Святого Валентина

“The fruit you can eat, you need them to wash you,” — say the sellers. Have come up with special bouquets and men from socks. In one of the ads we found online, for such a gift is asked from 300 to 450 UAH depending on the number of “buds”.

If such creative ikebana seem to be too extravagant, online sellers will help put together a personalized gift and nice packaging. The so-called “Happy Box” (English — “happy boxes”) can be filled with anything: sweets, cosmetics or even a selection of cocktails. The price depends on the cost of the content.

FOOD FOR THE MIND. And students popular in Odessa French courses offer to bring their second halves on training for half the price. You can also purchase gift certificates for workshops. For example, one lesson of acting for the pair will cost 650 UAH, and the course of eight group lessons — 1800 UAH per person. “The course will be useful not only for future theater-goers, but those who have to interact with other people and to gain them” — say the sellers of certificates.

LADIES GO. Restaurateurs offer the girls to go for broke and organise the holiday independently. “Make romance, which it really appreciate: take me out with cooking a lot of meat and drink”, beckoning one of the restaurants, promising gifts to the ladies who will lead his Cavaliers.


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