Roman Popkov: you’ll discover that and Carpentry – agent “Kiev junta”


Роман Попков: скоро выяснится, что и Плотницкий – агент “киевской хунты”

The security services of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics (DND and LNR) was defused in Lugansk criminal group. This is stated in the statement of the ousted Minister of internal Affairs LNR Igor Cornet, whose powers on 20 November, suspended the head LNR Igor Carpentry. According to Igor Cornet, the detainees are “agents of the intelligence services of Ukraine from among senior officials of the LC”.

The former health Minister said that the main task of the detainees was “to prepare and conduct a number of terrorist acts on the territory of the LC to destabilize the political situation in the national republics.”

In General, you’ll discover that and Carpentry – agent “Kiev junta”.

Even, God forbid, will claim that the elimination of “Batman”, dremova and other wildly charismatic, carried out by the group “Wagner” on orders from the Kremlin, was actually executed by the agent of the SBU and the Gur Carpenter on the orders from Kiev.

In fact, we see the final victory in the war two reenactment factions. In place of white reenactment of the faction strelkov (the White Guard, the old world the last dream and other whiny pathos) entrenched reenactment of Stalin’s faction (Trotskyite conspiracy, a criminal group of Kamenev-Zinoviev, exposing the agents of Germany and Poland).

The whole history of the “Russian spring” is a careful reproduction of the former Russian tragedies – but not just as farce, but as this tragic, bloody farce.


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