ROC will create the all-Russian unified registry of atheists and pagans


РПЦ создаст Всероссийский единый реестр атеистов и язычников

The ROC engaged in the development of Russian unified registry of atheists (BELIEF), which will contain data on persons practicing pagan religion or adhering to radical atheism.

The project will be allocated 65 million rubles, of which part of the amount of subsidies from the budget for the programme of subsidies for religious institutions. The development of the registry will be engaged FGUP “Scientific research Institute of Orthodox science”, created a few years earlier when the Russian Orthodox Church. The database also will get information about completed or upcoming pagan rituals.

In the Church said that they would not resort to restrictions on the basis of data from the registry — for example, even the defendants in the list will appear in the Orthodox churches, if “will manifest the truth of his intentions for the transition to the true faith”. At the same time, the internal security service of the Patriarchate will track staff contacts and Ministers of the ROC with the persons from the lists and, if necessary, make the appropriate personnel decisions.

According to the head of the credit and banking sector of the Synodal Department of the ROC, Archpriest Alexander Kaganovich, now considered the option of adding services related to the system of FAITH, Orthodox in a Single network of terminals operating in Russia since last year. If now through the terminal only to order a prayer or put a virtual candle, in the future there may be services to hide or delete data from the registry of atheists.

“The terminals until we have a pilot project in test mode. The system of “FAITH” is already approved the terms of reference, work began in General, there is clearer vision. But we are considering the possibility of their combination in individual services. In the basic architecture of the application developers lay the possibility of networking, and how we implement it, will be resolved in the next quarter,” said Archpriest Kaganovich at the selector meeting in the Patriarchate.


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