Robot Fedor will never come back into space


This is due to the design of the apparatus.

Robot astronaut Skybot F-850 Fedor will no longer fly to the ISS. This is due to the design of the apparatus.

This was told by Executive Director of the NGO “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov, reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

“For him there is nothing more to do, a mission he fulfilled,” he said of the robot.

To replace him will come another robot for spacewalks, its development has already begun. Dodonov explained why the current Fedor for this task is not suitable: it’s got legs, and they are in open space is not needed.

“Thus, the new Android will be a “Alexey Leonov” (the first person in space – ed.) among the robots. If the program will be implemented without delay, “we will be the first” — said Dudorov RIA Novosti.

We will remind, couple of weeks ago, the Russian space Agency has sent into Earth orbit anthropomorphic robot Fedor (FEDOR — Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research). Russian humanoid astronaut Skybot F-850 became the world’s second largest robot to visit space, after the American Robonaut-2, which arrived on the ISS in 2011. However, in contrast to his fellow Android, Fedor flew in the armchair of the cosmonaut, not in the cargo hold.


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