Robert de Niro had divorced his wife


Representatives of the actor will not comment on the news resonance of divorce.

Hollywood actor Robert de Niro after 20 years of marriage decided to file for divorce. His wife, 53-year-old grace Hausauer, supported her husband in this decision.

The journalists People said the insider of the inner circle of the spouses. According to him, Robert de Niro and grace Hausauer decided to separate and not live together.

“Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want,” added the insider.

Now the official representatives of the actor will not comment on the news resonance of divorce. Not exactly known why the 75-year-old Robert de Niro has decided to break off relations with his wife.

By the way, the pair met in 1987. Since then, Robert and grace were United by a romantic relationship, which after 10 years of meetings developed into marriage. Already in 1998, the couple had their son, Elliot, who suffers from autism. And in 2011 delivered by a surrogate mother to Robert and grace the girl Helen. In addition, an actor has 4 children from a previous marriage.

It is worth noting that earlier Robert de Niro tried to end the relationship with grace, Auther. In 1999, the actor has filed for divorce and fought to obtain custody of your son. But the couple saved their marriage from breaking, and in 2004 repeated the vows. What caused the final divorce is still unknown.


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