Robbery of the year: in Switzerland, collectors stole 20 million euros


Ограбление года: в Швейцарии у инкассаторов похитили 20 млн евро The perpetrators took the money and left the black Porshe.

In the Canton of Vaud unknown in masks attacked the armor collector car, stealing from him for more than 20 million euros.

According to the Agency, the robbers forced the driver to stop in the Parking lot in the city Saverne North of Lausanne, after which was taken from a cash machine and disappeared in an unknown direction on the car Porsche black.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, the robbers managed to RAID because they held hostage the daughter of one of the guards. It is reported that the apartment of the 22-year-old woman entered the unknown in the guise of a plumber, who then contacted her father and demanded not to resist during the RAID.

After the robbery, the woman landed on one of the highway, during the interrogation she was able to describe to police what happened because was in a state of shock. According to various sources from the armored car was stolen to 26 million euros. In fact a RAID by Swiss police opened a criminal case.

We will remind, in December of 2017 in Poland, the attacker during the robbery staged a shooting in which a policeman was killed and three others were injured.


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