Road spoon for dinner


Дорога — ложка к обеду

The meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo with appetite and discussed the roads and the lack of money small business

On 21 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects. Priority projects in this day become very expensive and small and medium businesses. How self-employed people, participants of the meeting tried to draw out of the garages of the two-year tax-free regime, the special correspondent of “Kommersant”

The composition of the presidential Council produces generally encouraging impression. It includes the Prime Minister, speakers of the Federation Council, state Duma, head of the presidential administration, assistants, envoys, members of the government, businessmen, experts-level Alexei Kudrin… it Seems like it’s something to solve. If not so, what then? And, Yes, some others… But now it is, and the best of Vladimir Putin. And for myself, too.

The keynote speaker on this day was head of the newly created Corporation for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Alexander Braverman. The Corporation has been around for years, and for Mr. Braverman it was the first public hearing.

Shortly before the beginning of the next to him on the empty seat sat the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin (one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation) and happily said that now that he’s sitting next to the speaker, and it can be on the TV show. All, of course, laughed, but, among other things, with some effort, because after all, Alexander Shokhin, unwittingly (or is it wanting), I gave the secret idea of many of those sitting around this table.

And Mr. Shokhin, using their good mood, told the audience an anecdote. The Jews suffered the obituary in the newspaper. Look there, and it consists of two words: “Abraham is dead.” It is obvious that there is a desire to save on the content. He said: “No, fewer than five words is impossible”. He says, “so, Abram died. For sale wheelchair”.

The joke was a success, and someone even said it right about today’s meeting… those Present were puzzled, but it seems that even the author of the caustic remarks don’t fully understand the value… she could only hope that life will put everything in its place, and to understand what was meant, it will be possible at least at the end of the meeting. Although some, of course, pretended that he understood now, and delicately had fun on this issue…

Vladimir Putin decided to start with roads (at first glance, no reference to the anecdote). He said he has not yet managed to reduce the number of road deaths to 10.6 cases per 100 thousand population. But, on the other hand, may Executive orders have set this goal for 2018, so the drivers can you imagine anything especially not to refuse…

In addition, Mr Putin said that by 2018 (i.e., for presidential elections. A. K.) half the roads in large Metropolitan areas, should be given in adequate condition, and added that this is a solvable problem.

It was an audacious challenge, and the members of the Council accepted it without question.

And in the end what’s the difference how you call accept: when it comes to the roads, from the very beginning clear that they will take any initiative in its direction, where no roads are already there, and only this area is where any challenge with quality assurance and perish, or rather rot, despite the fact that the orders issued it was may, 2012.

— Special attention— said the President— should also be paid to road safety. On the roads there are dangerous areas, where pits and potholes, lack of dividers, marking-out or warning signs (and how does he know this? — A. K.) from time to time there is an accident with very serious consequences, fatalities, and we need to deal with the liquidation of such sites.

It turns out that all this nightmare was because nobody knew what they should do.

— How much rudeness we have on the roads and any outrages! — exclaimed the President.

With the approval of the President talked about the development Corporation small and medium enterprises:

— Only for the current year the volume of purchases of natural monopolies and companies with state participation of small companies increased more than tenfold and now exceed the significant, serious amount of 1 trillion rubles as a result, small businesses added more than 110 thousand jobs!

In his opinion, all to the same 2018 in individual and small business needs to work no less than 20 million people (new figure, try to remember).

As it turned out, the President has prepared to this meeting, a concrete proposal (one meeting — one suggestion, and it is compared to previous meetings on such topics, even many, garish, awful lot):

— I would like to say about the citizens who work independently in different areas from minor repairs and construction to auto repair. We have discussed just now with President Dmitry Medvedev (Medvedev, the Prime Minister.— A. K.) have talked about this, and on the party forums within the “United Russia” and onf (all-Russian popular front”.— A. K.) talked about the need for a certain period, say a year or two, generally exempt self-employed from paying taxes and mandatory contributions so that they could quietly enter into the normal rhythm of the legal work and so for them it was not burdensome.

The concept of “self-employed” suggests that people are so busy that it is only necessary that they had not been touched. And then, of course, can be seen still the intention to withdraw the self-employed from the garages, where they predominantly contain themselves, fresh air, clean whether constitutional, or legal field, where they will have a chance to prove themselves law-abiding entrepreneurs and the first two years do not think, and start thinking about it then. And being self-employed, were going about anything bad, that is primarily about the payment of taxes, not to think of life.

So not so unclouded for them, there comes a time, as they are now given to understand Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, self-employment is still not an option, as is approximately the case when the self no one to talk to…

The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev brilliantly confirmed all the theses of Vladimir Putin. Then a presentation for your Corporation, presented Alexander Braverman. It also did not have any issues. Moreover, after that each of the speakers felt obliged to speak about the fact that the Corporation is Titanic and in General is a thankless job for the distribution of small business loans, the creation of appropriate business navigation and so on. However, it turned out that all these people — the members of the Board of Directors of SME Corporation…

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov knows how to talk about the roads every time as the first. So, he said. From the news: he proposed to redistribute the money through the Federal road Fund to the regions for implementation of the project “traffic Safety”.

The Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has devoted his speech mainly to motorists, which, in his opinion, first of all, traffic safety depends. He told in detail how to register on the Ministry’s website, download the app, by which an active citizen will be able to inform about the road behavior of the citizen insolent… Minister enjoyed making it. Squealing, which he now inculcated in the consciousness is only present, possess, it is understood by the masses, because the masses are ready for it and long waiting.

In this discussion of road problems ended, and attendees may even have considered them, you might say, solved — until the next such meeting.

Then about an hour discussed the prospects of SME Corporation. “A good project”, “decent results”, “more than decent results… Sergey Katyrin, President, chamber of Commerce, however, drew attention to the fact that, perhaps, we should lower the threshold for the granting of credit to small businesses (now, from 50 million rubles). It immediately and unconditionally supported: participants were preparing for it.

Surprisingly timidly made the head of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Mikhail Shmakov. He was amazed at the figure of 20 million jobs that should provide small business myself after a short time, and wished only that these seats were comfortable.

And only Yury Trutnev presented a claim to Alexander Braverman in connection with the policy of the Corporation in the far East. The essence of the claim was that the period of small business lending, three years is negligibly small and that the Corporation does not insure SME risks, small enterprises, and this is one of its main features. And he proposed to establish for the Far East a separate package (fate of the other regions it for obvious reasons, was interested not so much).

Mr. Braverman to surprise the wringer Yuri Trutnev, (considering also a fifth Dan Kyokushin last). He explained that a special package for the Far East are already created and the Corporation insures the risks of small enterprises not 70%, like everywhere else, and 75%.

And yet it seemed that mister Trutnev not quite satisfied preferences.

Nevertheless, the session turned out to be quite a triumph for Alexander Braverman.

That is, all the actual claim will be brought against him, apparently, to the next.


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