Riots in Berlin: smashed cars, injured


Уличные беспорядки в Берлине: разбиты машины, есть раненыеIn Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, clashes broke out between the leftist radicals and squatters, police officer injured.

“Flew bottles and firecrackers. One police officer slightly wounded abandoned her with a firecracker”, – quotes the edition a press-Secretary of the Berlin police.

Offenders set fire to several cars, street toilets, trash bins and plastic road barrier, broke Windows in pripravena along the street cars. They looked into the pavement and threw it to law enforcement. The area had been raised by helicopter with lighting equipment to find the perpetrators. The rebels were wearing masks. Arrested one person.

In the morning firefighters were able to extinguish the burning street barricades. Considerable material damage.

On the street Rieger in some of the houses slated for demolition, “entrenched” radicals of the left. For many years now they have been undertaking clashes with the police and terrorizing local residents. Previous clashes occurred only 3 weeks ago.


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