Revelation participating in renovation: What are you peddling the Muscovites instead of the “Khrushchev”


Откровения участницы реновации: Что втюхивают москвичам вместо "хрущевок"

Following the recent publication of “SP” on the problem of providing equivalent or equivalent apartments under renovation, the staff began to address the citizens, which is now relocated in the first house No. 62Б for 5-th Parkovaya street, which for many municipal and even Federal TV channels talking exclusively in exalted tones.

However, the opinion of one Muscovite, Anna Malikova, stands in stark contrast with the gracious telecasting. It is noteworthy that this woman and all her family was originally among the supporters of the program of resettlement of the capital’s five-story building, searched for and brought to the people information about it and convincing others that everything will be fine.

Below the “SP” sets her story in the first person about what actually the hell turned this process and that in reality constitute this house.

“It all started with the fact that the numbering of apartments of the first and third entrance was messed up. Came for their longed-for “kopeck piece” was discovered their apartment numbers are mostly on the “one-room”. Someone brought up more and they behind the door was three-pointers, but “lucky” was sent home saying that they will call you back.

Us at the reception told to wait. After about 30 minutes we realized that about us just forgot, but that was to be expected in such a mess. After some disturbances, we were explained where to go and what to do. Conducted to the entrance, the guard was given the keys with the apartment number, which is listed in the exam document.

I can not describe the freight Elevator, the height of which is not even large, the ceiling almost to the head. From thoughts came the question of how to cram our fridge and a sofa with a length of 2.2 meters without armrests? Okay, arrived on the floor, found the door to our room, we go. The first thing did not like is the door that, when opened interfere with each other. Large hallway, bathroom, toilet, kitchen — so far so good. One room is good, do not mind even the lack of a pantry. The last door, second room opened. And here I precipitate, because it is significantly less food. There is an idea to get a tape measure and measure the room.

Turn around, go to find out. On request to show the floorplans react very sluggish, then send in one, then in another window. We finally find the right, and then the fun begins. In connection with the arisen questions I ask to show me the floor plan layout of the apartments, where I could see the actual numbers, because according to my measurements I have does not fit the area. The young man begins to rummage in the papers, something to verify and issue — that is, look, you had a 43 “square” and give the 57 that you do not like? Wait a minute, but in my observation the order number of the apartment is 59 residential (!) areas. The answer is inclusive of balcony. My jaw drops and hits the table — excuse me, but when the balcony was residential? You are sure, specify that we were in his apartment? The young man first responds in the affirmative, but then goes away, something long finds out, comes back and says — sorry, your apartment is in another entrance, now we’ll show you.

Go to another entrance, escorted by the representative of the whole circus. Rise on the floor, open the door — “three”! While the representative of this chaos went on the first floor for other keys, we have examined her. The layout is great, the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, spacious entrance hall, one hall closet and one in the room. But, unfortunately, this is not about us.

The representative comes back and somehow takes us to the floor above, but it doesn’t matter. The second version of the “kopeck piece” we like: spacious kitchen, spacious rooms, pantry, bathroom also has enough space to put the washing machine and feel comfortable, a large balcony with access from the kitchen and the length of the two Windows. We’re going to write the agreement, but the happiness is short. As soon as we go outside, our chaperone gets some new lists, and again this is not our apartment!

Wait, when will bring the new keys, the nerves are on edge. Climb to the next floor, we open the next apartment. To say that it smelled bad, it does not say anything. The stagnant smell of human feces we almost did it. Employees of DMI without even having been there, say that we confuse it with paint. The layout is not the worst, but after what we’ve seen — not a fountain. The single balcony, closet no. Open the door to the bathroom, and realize that in the trough, which there is, I can dive right from the doorstep. The washing machine can’t put no and never, so we will have to erase wherever they eat or some incredible way to put it in the hallway). But even without machine without discomfort to get dressed after taking a shower all the same unrealistic. A small room, which is usually used for bedroom or nursery (and we have in the family the child 4, 5 years), has a balcony, a direct threat to the life of the child and does not give the opportunity to properly arrange the furniture in the room, and we have to adapt to live there in the car.

During the inspection there is doubt that the living room area corresponds to the parameters of the equivalence. Paramasivam their roulette, and they are even less than we have now in the Khrushchev. We have a total area of 30.3 square meters, and our measurements out 29,76 per square meter.

By the way, invited us February 12, the Public headquarters for monitoring the implementation of the renovation program at our request during site inspection is also made measurements and also got divergence. On this issue the staff of the DGI working there said in their papers is the area of 30.3 square meters, and a request to provide any documents confirming this fact, refused, citing the fact that those they have, and we should take their word for it. And when 12 representatives of the staff walked with us to the apartment, its hard to ventilate. We closed all the Windows, but as the warm smell of the room began to reappear.

This option for all the parameters is not equal, how can we guarantee legislation. Appeal to the employees of DGI on this issue, we propose to write a failure from the apartment, while not explaining our rights to further viewings. Here begins a psychological “crush”: refusal is better not to write, because the second option can give worse. Explanations of how to act if the second option is not acceptable, do not provide. Put a tight time frame — we need to give agreement or disagreement within five working days, and where is it written in the law and did not specify. Many residents fear that there will be no better and will just decline, agree to barter, if only it is likely over. Those residents who waiver or consent has not signed, do not know where to seek help and where to look for support and do not have the ability somewhere to complain because of the time frame.

Frustrated, we’re trying to figure out how much it will cost to rebuy the square. Tell us that first we must agree on what they give, then they can write an application and make 100 thousand (for insight not yet become). Then we’re supposed to choose an apartment available, we tell you the cost, if she pretends to be someone else, arranged the auction. Given the fact that we have to offer, and the difference between what we choose and with the discount, the average price in our area turns out to 2.48 million rubles. However, this is not accurate, and even without regard to the auction.”

— We understand, — summed up Anna in conversation with the correspondent “SP”, that the house first and that it was not originally intended for the renovation program. But if undertook to resettle people according to this law, please meet him. We did not take the repair, this case is still an individual, we take the layout of apartments, the lack of space. And it turns out that the law is adopted, but they themselves do not observe. One gets the impression that we are now trying to push something that will not be able to sell, because a certain portion of apartments in this house, as I understand it, will be put up for sale.

Reference “SP»

According to the disposal of the editors, the 16th of February on the object must arrive a working group under the state Duma of the renovation, headed by Deputy Chairman of the house Peter Tolstoy.



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