Reveals the mystery of the stone statues on Easter island


Раскрыта загадка каменных статуй на острове ПасхиIt was a large-scale study that showed some interesting results

It turned out that the pedestals called AHU, which are the famous statues of Easter island (also called Rapa Nui), indicate where there are natural springs. The island is 300 stone platforms (AHU) and about a thousand stone statues (moai).

Natural springs and springs with fresh water are located near all of ARP, and the rest of the Islands of these sources.

“Many researchers, including we’ve long thought about the connection between the AHU, moai and various kinds of natural resources such as water or fertile land. However, we were the first to conduct a quantitative and spatial modeling, which clearly showed the connection between the AHU and sources of fresh water,” – said study author Robert DiNapoli of the University of Oregon.

All AHU have been mapped and at the moment researchers have studied already 93 platforms, which are on the East side of the island.

“Every time we found a source of fresh water, we saw this place giant statues. It was ridiculously predictable,” – said another study author Carl Lipo of Binghamton University.

Anthropologists have suggested that members of the ancient settlement on Easter island megalithic specifically set platform to indicate those places where there is fresh water. And it was made for all tribes who inhabited the island in ancient times.

“The difficult life of the natural conditions of Easter island make the artifacts created by the inhabitants of this small piece of land, who inhabited it for over 500 years, even more significant. Representatives of the society Rapanui were able not only to survive in a small, poor natural resources, an isolated location, but also to produce about thousands of statues (moai) and over 300 stone platforms (AHU),” say the authors of the study.

In the near future, scientists plan to explore other parts of the island to confirm my hunch.


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