Revealed shocking details of the case “Network”


They took them into the woods and brutally killed. They planned the execution and ruthlessly deprived of the lives of these teenagers in the name of their worthless, stupid truth about drugs and terrorism.

Раскрыты шокирующие подробности дела «Сети»

You remember how all the liberal community squirted saliva and stative feet in rallies and pickets, trying to prove “belosto and fluffy” defendants in the sensational case of the organization “Network” (it was recognized as terrorist in Russia)?

Don’t rush to join their ranks: one of the defendants, in time merged in a “friendly” Ukraine, revealed the “Medusa” outrageous details about what was actually involved members of the community.

Раскрыты шокирующие подробности дела «Сети»

It turned out that Alexey Poltavets, who was acquainted with the accused Penza and, of course, was aware of all their contemplated dealings, was too weak and cowardly to cover this valuable information deep within. Unable to bear the torment of my demons, he decided to slip away over the hill, and from a safe distance to expose the truth (while not forgetting to denounce the Russian FSB-schnick).

Poltavets said that he personally and the rest of the Penza “networkers” conspired to eliminate unwanted and potentially dangerous people – teenagers Katya Levchenko and Artem Dorofeev (his body is found, and the autopsy showed that death was violent). The fact that two unsuspecting guys first happened with a gang of so-called “anti-fascists” with guns in the racks, and then found out that those peddling hard drugs. Of course, Kate and Artem was terrified when fouled got wind of the security forces, and prepared to surrender to the police.

Раскрыты шокирующие подробности дела «Сети»

Then, first decent Nassau in his pants, and then popraschavshis from the FSB in the Ryazan remote place, the participants of the “Network” took a collective decision to get rid of the wrong drug media their secrets. Search method did not last long in one of their apartments was kept a decent amount of firearms (they worked in the forests of the future scenario of the revolution).

One of the murderers, according to Poltavets, was he of his shots killed Dorofeev. Catherine allegedly stabbed the right hand of the leader of the “Network” Dmitry Pchelintseva – Maxim Ivankin. He was sitting in jail on terrorism charges. It is easy to guess who was the customer of course, Pchelintsev. This whole nightmare happened in the woods near Ryazan — there under the pretext of the mysterious killer took his victims.

And that, it turns out that THESE drug dealers and murderers so passionately at first supported the opposition? And what will she say now when their hands are stained with blood?


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