Resuming the reception of refugees, Tafel collects thousands of donations


Возобновив приём беженцев, Tafel собирает тысячи евро пожертвований

More than 50 thousand euros from the people of Germany received the Tafel food Bank in Essen once again agreed to feed foreign nationals. Thus the Germans have expressed their support and approval of endowment policy, suggests the head of the organization sartar Joerg (Jörg Sartor) in an interview with Die Zeit.

The solidarity of the people can be judged by the comments specified in the Bank transfer. For example, among them were phrases like “Donation to survive” (Durchhaltespende). The contributions were small, but at the expense of the Essen branch of the Tafel they were many. How many people supported the resumption of meals for refugees, the head of the organization does not specify. But adds that, among other things, people were sent to the Tafel e-mails reassuring content. In the region there were about 4 thousand people positively evaluate the new rules of charity food Bank.

It is noteworthy that the mentioned 50 thousand managed to collect in less than a month of work. Recall, again to feed the visitors in Essen started with April 11. But we cannot say that the path to this decision was easy. So, in the beginning of 2018 Essener Tafel has restricted the refugees get free food parcels. The organization simply ceased to accept new members from the ranks of foreigners. Those who had subscribed to services Tafel continued to eat on the previously announced scheme.

Then Joerg Carter even made a statement to the public — they say it’s not discrimination, but a forced measure. According to him, due to a too large number of refugees in the queues of the German need feel “not feel good”. This is understandable, because foreigners were often too punchy and thronged the elderly and young mothers.

Organization the idea is planned to resume the feeding of refugees, when the recipients will be set approximately the same number of Germans and visitors from abroad. However, the public did not accept all of these “if” and “when”. Against the decision of the Essen branch were made by the representatives of different political parties, charities and public activists. When voiced criticism on the part of the Angela Merkel, Essen branch decided again to take visitors, though not planned this before may 2018.

By the way, the fact that this decision was made a little “under duress”, it is felt in some other statements of the head of the Tafel. For example, earlier in conversation with the journalist of the same Zeit, Mr. Sartor said that the Hartz IV benefits, in principle, enough for basic financial assistance. And “even if Essener Tafel will be closed permanently, the city no one will not starve” — quoted by German media. As for the recipients of Hartz IV, they do not consider the size of grants appropriate. Came even before the petitions on the Internet and proposals for the officials themselves to live on the amount paid to them as allowances.


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