Restless paparazzi spotted the petite panettiere in society, the famous boxer


Contrary to rumors, the couple still did not leave.

In Instagram got photos from walks through Munich Wladimir Klitschko and his wife Hayden panettiere. Signed these photos were: “Hayden with Wlad during the walk in Germany, Sept 13”. Apparently, the lenses of the paparazzi this couple came yesterday, but today their newest photo spread throughout the Network.

Since the end of August there were rumors about the breakup of Wladimir Klitschko with the American wife who in December 2014 gave birth to his daughter. The fact is that Hayden showed in the Instagram photo from his birthday party, where she was depicted with her daughter in the circle of his friends, and Vladimir in this picture was not.

In the pictures the paparazzi from Germany we see that the Ukrainian boxer and American actress are still together. And judging by the fact that panettiere Klitschko held his arm and they smiled at each other while walking – all of them well and about any separation of speech can not be.


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