Resonant scandal surrounding the “Eurovision” in Kiev: fresh details


The Cabinet will hire lawyers to recover 15 million euros for the “Eurovision”.

The Cabinet of Ministers ordered the purchase of legal services to participate in the trial about the money “Eurovision”. Lawyers paid by the state to represent the interests of Ukraine in the process.

The case will be heard in the court of first instance of the Canton of Geneva (Switzerland). On the funds allocated to the Ministry of justice have to hire legal advisors, conciliators, experts, experts, including foreign ones, have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against the company “Euronews SA” and intends to return in the budget of 15 million euros. The government transferred these funds as financial guarantees of the quality of the contest “Eurovision” in 2017, but after the contest, the funds were frozen by the Geneva office of debt enforcement.

It was reported that the funds could have frozen at the suit of the Euronews TV channel National public TV and radio company of Ukraine. Euronews through the courts seeking the payment of liquidated damages in the amount of 10.59 million euros for breach of the cooperation with the National television company of Ukraine in 2014.


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