Resonant insult Putin in Germany: unexpected details


Резонансное оскорбление Путина в Германии: неожиданные подробностиIn the German edition explained the insult to Putin.

The famous German edition of Focus called insult of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin misunderstanding. In a press-service of the weekly reported that the phrase has become controversial because of the difficulties of translation into Russian language.

According to the press Secretary of the edition Alice Wagner, it was ironic that properly explained.

“By this language we did not intend to offend or humiliate. Rather, in the first place, it was ironic. The German word “Hund” (a literal translation – “dog” – ed.) is equivalent to the value of the “harter Hund” (“die hard” – ed.), explained Wagner. According to her, the irony of the phrase, “perhaps it is impossible adequately to convey in the Russian language”.

In the statement, which caused dissatisfaction of the Russian Embassy in Berlin, they talked about the incident, which occurred during the meeting of Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin in 2007 in Sochi. During the Protocol shooting ran into the room the hound of the President of the Russian Federation, a Labrador named Koni.

Merkel admitted that he had “some concern” in the presence of dogs since then, as the youth was bitten by a dog. “Although the President of the Russian Federation, I think, knew for sure that I’m not very eager to say Hello to his dog, he still brought her with him,” – said in an interview with the Chancellor of Germany.


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