Resident of Ulan-Ude has vowed not to give birth, so as not to disturb the officials


Жительницы Улан-Удэ поклялись не рожать, чтобы не беспокоить чиновников

Mom from Ulan-Ude, whose children did not get places in kindergartens, vowed not to bear and recorded a video message to local education officials, according to

The women promise “not to give birth from January to may so as not to create busy Committee on education extra hassle” and “not require the construction of new gardens, to have a place for new malls and high-rise buildings”.

Children older than three years were left without seats in the gardens in the capital of Buryatia “due to a failure in the electronic queue”. Anyway, so say the officials promise that the new accounting system will be up in September. But in the gardens of mothers who have completed maternity leave right now, the newspaper notes.


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