Researchers have found water particles on the moon


Исследователи выявили частицы воды на Луне Scientists can find wide application for the detected particles.

NASA experts found on the surface of the moon the water out of the frozen state.

Until recently, scientists believed that the water present on the moon only in the form of ice at the poles. The temperature in these regions never rises above the level of -156 degrees Celsius.

The opening made thanks to satellites. They detected “Bouncing” of the water molecule on the sunlit side of the moon.

“These results help to better understand the lunar water cycle and will eventually help to learn about the availability of water, which astronauts will be able to use in future missions to the moon,” said study author Amanda Hendricks.

The experts found that the relationship of the surface and the water molecules exist until around lunar noon, when the temperature reaches higher values.

Prior to this, some have suggested about the use of ionized hydrogen in the production of liquid water. These particles fall on the moon due to solar wind.


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