Rescuers managed to save hundreds of refugees off the coast of Cyprus


Спасателям удалось спасти сотню беженцев у побережья КипраThe victims have been left behind in consequence of a shipwreck.

In the night of Sunday, September 10, at the North-West coast of Cyprus was rescued more than 300 migrants from a human trafficker, as well as from flooding of the vessel.

At the two vessels were 305 migrants, most of them women and children. According to the publication, of the ship could crash and sink. Therefore, rescuers towed one vehicle in the Lathi and the other in Kato Pyrgos. One woman with a small child was hospitalized.

In addition, law enforcement officers detained 36-year-old human trader, who is suspected of illegal transportation of migrants. According to the refugees, they paid the carriers for 2 thousand dollars. All refugees will be taken to the emergency centre in Nicosia.


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